Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dwell SP for HL

***this review was previously available at Alejandro Mapping Center***

Level name: Dwell Single play

Author: Brenda Ellen Perdion

Date of release: 15 March 2000

Size: 10 782 Ko

Number of maps: 6




Yea, the Black-Mesa freaks were hanging around that house on Mountain-View Road again. I wish I had the money they paid-out for-that thing.
And if they're there, something's going on. They're not saying much, but yea... I think you're right. We were at the bar last week and a few of them were there, and the were h a m m e r e d. but they seemed really shaky... -just staring into nothing.
I can't believe that anything could have THOSE people worried. They say some weirdness is happening at the dig under the house. I think they been working underground too long in that "r e s e a r c h facility" of theirs, I think it's more of a "complex" if you know what I mean.
You know... they... built-that-place... right near 2 Reservations. ...Maybe the "Old Ones" are back from the dead and are whispering "sweet nothings" in their ears... -wait-wait no -wait, maybe they are being visited by "al--i--ens".
Anyway, I am not helping you, you're really nuts! Look, you stole a gun and some equipment... that doesn't mean that you can walk right in there like you own the place, and what? -Just show up for work one day?
"Hi, I am new here -where do I go for training?"
I'd like to see that!
And I haven't forgot the "incident". If you end up in jail this time, don't tell them you know me! I respect you for trying, but of all the things you have pulled this has to got be the craziest
Hey if you're NOT in jail lets go climbing... -and bring some lights I think I found a entrance to a cave.


Dwell single player is a special experience that was released 7 years ago. The Author, Brenda EP, shows through this map a really high quality in design that is mostly noticeable in the starting house.
After the starting house, you’re going to make your way through caves, catacombs, sewer pipes,…in a more than dark ambience (this prevents the mapping quality from appearing). And without any well though puzzles. Way of progression is not really obvious and could even be quite confusing in some places (I got lost there for a couple of minutes). Aliens races are most of the enemies you are going to encounter whish will be challenging since you have not a lot of choice in weapon, except at the end open air zone. Despite its dark ambience, and it’s sometimes confusing way to progress, this pack is really enjoyable.

In conclusion: After visiting a beautiful textured house in the first part, you will be confronted, in a slow but progressing visit, to a huge complicated cave maze (labyrinth). This will lead you (with some pleasure) outside (on a dark evening) in order to kill some grunts. You are there close to the end…which is unfortunately lacking. BTW an enjoyable experience if you do not hate dark areas

Playtime: 2 hours
Rating: A B C D E (77 %)