Sunday, August 10, 2008

So much for Freeman for Half-Life 2


Level name: So much for Freeman

Author: Duncan 'Finger' Moore

Date of release: 31 May 2007

Size: 14 918 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: snarkpit profile

download: here

Author's Note:

This is my entry for the snarkpit ‘map from base’ singleplayer mapping challenge. Regardless of how the challenge pans out, I plan on developing this map further, and extending the gameplay beyond what I’ve built.

We’ll call this an ‘alternate history’ if you will; a spin off scenario that puts you, Gordon Freeman, captive of the brutal Combine - being marched off to a quick death. The end is near…. or is it?

Edit…. this map has been EXTENDED!! I’ve completed round 2 of the snarkpit mapping challenge by continuing with this singleplayer map. I decided to try and cram round 2 into the same bsp… the result is a fairly large map. Let me know if anyone has problems running it, as I may end up splitting it into 2 maps. Once again, I plan to continue developing this further.

Review :

This map was made already a year ago for a sp contest at snarkpit, the author isn't a beginner and you will directly notice it.

In this mission you end sadly captured by the combine forces and seem ready to be in a really bad position...the intro will lead you in a step you never taught try to survive and escape

Design of this map is well done with a good intro and a simple but immersing design, the progression is well oriented in limited areas but the travelling and challenge encountered make it really enjoyable and organised. Everything look fresh in a classic design and is enjoyable with even some new textures touch like doors and the atmospheric skybox and some short voice acting

Gameplay is balanced to be challenging and add what is needed to slow down you progression traps and combine attack are waiting for you but no boss fight in this one. It's not also a simply forward and fight progression, you have to think a little and this help the enjoyment.

In conclusion: for a short contest map it's a high enjoyable one everything that is needed is here present except an ending that i hope will come out one day.

Playtime: 20 min

Rating: A B C D E (87%)