Thursday, March 19, 2009

Website of the moment

I thaught it would be an interesting idea to share some links, stuffs or infos that could be usefull to all visitors of this place. This message will serve also as an archive for all relevent informations to keep an eyes on. I'm also looking to add a section where I could share my 'music from the moment' where I could simply put author's name and album's name with some short part of dedicated songs like when you go to itunes store...if anybody knows about a blogger gadget to do this i'm interested.

Will certainly add soon a poll gadget to better interact with readers of this page.

date 19/02/10 : Sixth website of the moment   After more than 10 years Quake 1 has still a quite active community but a lot of information are spread all over the net and it's not always that evident to find the right info at the right moment, there has been a solution for quite a while so if you need anything related to Quake1 just pass at Quake terminus , I'm pretty sure you will find the info, site, map, stuff...that you need.

date 24/09/09 : Fifth website of the moment  This one really seems to be the hugest collection according FPS everything is referenced here since the first FPS till now (there is hundreds of them referenced from offical one to even particular addon only available in certain country), everything can't be nearly find here or at least some information, download are also published but sometime it may need a quite bit of time if you want to download it or it can only be linked to torrent system whish are not always erfectly it's on your own risk so just take a look at 3d Shooter Legends , I'm ptretty sure you will find the addon you never found before.

date 01/06/09 : fourth website of the moment Nothing really exeptionnal but so handfull if you play an offocial game, look for easter eggs or want some perfectly fitting screenshots it's really an ants works and deserve easily some attention Visual Walktrough for the most classic games You wont need it regulary but perhaps like for me on one day it will be very usefull

date 23/04/09 : third website of the moment
regarding the previous link to those old FPS games from first generation if you are looking to the game based on the build engine the biggest ressources is certainly Ressources for Total Conversions and Mods page nearly all good thinks from building to playing is here available a must for every fan

date 01/04/09 : second website of the momentHere is an interesting web page oriented to all loved old FPS and related port to make them more playable with actual OS
FPS Ports

date 19/03/09 : first website of the momentI will start with Nem's tools a site dedicated used for mappers and especially the one usung the valve enginefrom terrain generator to file viewer and compiler there seems to be a quite interesting link of stuff here
Nem's tools

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