Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

to all of you may 2011 bring you all the success you're expecting
this year bring me a big change that i never expected in my private life and 2011 will just bring the turn over so don't expect to much about this site in the upcoming month  but i will try to do some update ;)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Poll number 4

For the Poll the question was:    How did you come here?

here are the results:

In addition I create a sub post folder and asked people to explain a little more especially for blogger google and forum search sadly only one people used this feature to give is opinion

I have added his comment :

I am not sure anymore, either a link from Planetphillip, or simply a Google search, looking for some active Quake2 SP community stuff. Q2 is still one of my favourite SP games (so I also play Q1 and oaccasionally other games as well), so I´am happy I found your site. I visit your blog regularely. Good job!

I was really estonish that  most of the people find this blog through google search sothat it seems that this is the best way to promote you blog also giving feedback to people making maps through forum seems also a good deal to be find
A new poll will come soon since quite a while I have made some excell speadsheet regarding maps and mod for game releases that I have compiled for quite a long I would like to complete them through info given by you, readers, and also share this with you taking in account that all maps and mod refered in bold are available through personnal backup
Finally it can interest some people, since I have less and less time ,to review stuff.
 If anybody out there would like to share my passion and add some review of maps and mods feel free to contact me I would really appreciate

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perception for Quake1


Level name: Perception

Author: Rich 'XeNoN' Thorne

Release date: 22 june 2001

Size: 476 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None anymore

from quaddicated



Review :

Small map started as a speed map from the author that increase the content since he found it quite good to make a small classic Q1 map. the theme is Egyptian, and has an interesting custom textures content, the author had several other good project or contribution include soul of evil. since it was at start a speedmap it's not a huge release but all that was put together make it a really enjoyable release.

Design is well balanced though the use of custom textures  and well put together architecture it's certainly miss some more of these extravagant egyptian design and has a to squary look in a too repetitive use of texture but this doesn't really bring down the whole unit and don't forget that it was firstly made as a speedmap.

Gameplay is certainly not let on the side its well balance and provide some thaught places, you need also to take care of your ammo and health. The progression is also well organised, your starting place will lead your progression in the key qwest  that are needed for you to progress to the exit, it's unlinear and also take place on several floor sothat you encontered most of the things needed to create a good and enjoyable map.

In conclusion: it's certainly not perfect but well enjoyable and this is what we are looking for the short break it's time if you didn' t do it before to try it

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 13' 42''    secrets 0/1     kills 57/57 

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (74%)

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm still there :)

sorry for the big lack of update (3 months) but lot's of things happens in my life that bother me out of gaming time I hope i will have a little more spare time in the future to add several review

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Evil Town for Quake 1


Level name: The evil town

Author: Anders Gustavsson

Release date: 1 November 1997

Size: 449 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None anymore

from quaddicated



Review :

Small map with interesting custom texture release from the beginning of Quake 1 mapping...The author became after a progressive Q1 experience a must play author for all is quake 2 releases.

Design: The interest of this release is certainly some custom town texture that really creates something that catch you attention at start with the fist location after interest dicrease but it's still worth through correct layout and architecture but nothing really from high quality there are no movable stuff nor effects it's a quite simple progression in a correct layout we could also regret those dead hallways and corridor that ended into dark and the way the author didn't use enough the light source to create some more oppresing atmosphere

Gameplay: Is well balance but sadly a little to easy except in one or two location there isn't a real aim just activate some trigger that doesn't rely to any storyline, items are well place and even if the expereince flows in a good way the filling is a little mixed because we hopes for something more developped regarding the first location .

In conclusion: lot's of hope from the first location felt a little bit down after, it's still enjoyable for arround 10 minutes without to much expectation

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 8' 59''    secrets 0/2     kills 47/49 

Playtime: 10 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (71%)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arcane for Quake1


Level name: Arcane

Author: Matt Sefton

Release date: 14 September 1997

Size: 782 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None anymore

from quaddicated


Full Runic-themed Quake map, designed for single play with Deathmatch enhancements.
This map was inspired by the awesome map work of Andrew Smith and Dave Kelvin.
This level has been compiled for GLQuake.

Review :

Design: Another small an interesting release from the beginning of Quake 1 mapping...Everything is well put together in this one. It's most of the time build in a classic way without anything really impressive but it's simply close to perfection in it's approach with good architecture, lightning and interconnection, the present of not accessible extended environment and even if texturing could have perhaps been a little more thaught, the atmosphere is simply great...there are not a lot of word to explain something when you like's just a feeling.
Gameplay: well balance in terme of combats that increase in challenge with you progression, but it's never difficult or a source of frustration. This expereince is enhance by some qwest for keys that will oirented the progression in a non linear travelling leading you to the ultimate chamber where the challenge could have been a little higher

In conclusion: simple and efficiant...this is typically the experience I really like

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 13' 03''    secrets 1/2     kills 53/53 

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (82%)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Siren for Half-Life2: Ep1


Level name: Siren

Author: Kaami

Release date: 03 February 2008

Size: 43 087 ko

Number of maps: 3 + 1bonus map

website: none

download: at planetphillip

You start in a small town and have to work your way through the tunnels. You meet Father Grigori but are blocked from reaching him and from then on your objective is to join him.

Review :

Design:  Was pretty well done, the action take place mostly 90% indoor and is only oriented to meet Father Gregory the end. The architecture is well put together to create an enjoyable environement in a kind of Abandonned City only filled up with all the sort of zombie races, the look to detail and small touch  just enhance the classic style of mapping we all know and like (a little confusing start without suit and weapon) a part witch in underwater A feeling of maze you could be lost in...but without any frustartion.The progression into this classic building facility is mostly streight forward to use of light (sometime too bright) or not enhance the feeling to be alone, but in the other hand it lack some atmospheric through music sound and event (incluing cutsenes)...You never get bored and the fact that architecture even if good is never impressive don't really bother you because everything is well balanced

Gameplay: At start it doesn't seems obvious wil you get the suit? where to get a for the 5 first minutes the gameplay is a little bit confused but after that everything flow perfectly, there are some nasty surpise and those suicide zombie will really make you experience worth...some tiny puzzle will also be provided on you way and the use related unaccessible part that you will travel after add a feeling of a really big complex you are travelling through...So the gameplay flow perfectly and the end battle that awaits you event if not difficult will rpovide some challenge before mmeting father Gregory

In conclusion: The author prefer to release a not perfectly finished release than to wait too much time and finally lost everything, it certainly need some tiny attention a porper end and some more atmosphere through sound and music but for a first approach by the author, he certainly succeed in catching our attention and provide us an really good enjoyment for arround 1 hour.

Note: the author included a bonus map that is only accessible through the console by typing ''map map-arrival''

Playtime: 50 minutes

Rating:A B C D E (86%)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Anonca base: The shamblin for Quake1


Level name: Anonca base: The shamblin

Author: Rob Marton

Release date: 06 February 1997

Size: 492 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None

from quaddicated


Anonca Base, located on Neptune, has been rumored to still house outlaw shamblers. Find them. Kill them, and get your butt back home.
Review :

This medium blue metal base as a unique feeling it doesn't offer a great challeng nor an impressive gameplay but the fact the author added several custom futuristic design and several other thing make it well enjoyable

Design: particular let say even the starting of the map with the entrance into the main room from the top was well done, the archtitecture may look basic in terms of direct layout but provides a lot of particular object or stuff to come accross: elevator, some decoration object crossing brigdes an  so on.The team mostly oriented on blue metal texture cretes something special enhance by the good use of limited but perfect lightning. Travel will offer you to activate trigger that will interconnect the whole map making sometime the search for the next step not evident.

Gameplay is correctly balanced with not a lot of surpise, most of the items and enemies are well places with some, awaiting you from an upper position and other put on lower that will make you go for the direct confrontation (schambler in the central room), the path to follow isn't that evident and teleport event if smart doesn't really add something interesting to the map. Challenge isn't present in this one because you will recieve everything what is needed to make it not that hard... search and hunting for secret places is well balanced with easy to find and more tricky ones.

In conclusion: even if I can critisize several point and the absence of some background of a strong storyline the unique theme and presence of  some innovative architecture features really make a expeirence to play also by the fact it's not a difficult map to accomplish.

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 18' 03''    secrets 3/7     kills 54/57 

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (78%)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Operation Deus Ex Machina for Quake 2


Level name:Operation Deus Ex Machina

Author: Andrea Rosa

Release date: 15 january 2006

Size: 10 054 ko

Number of maps: 8

website: here

download page:   author's page


At the beginning of the Strogg War the Earth forces gambled essentially on two factors: the destruction of the Big Gun and the assassination of the Strogg Leader. While destroying the major planetary defense of Stroggos gave us a considerable tactical advantage, killing the Makron did not sort the expected results. We sought to drive the Strogg Warlords into internal struggles by eliminating their leading mind, however no turmoil happened. Instead of choosing a new Makron, the Warlords revolutionized the political structure of Stroggos, abandoning the old hierarchies and turning their world into a collection of feudal states. That way, they could continue to keep firm control over the strategic locations they were given and were able to organize defensive positions independently.

Operation Deus Ex Machina:
You are part of a small group of TCM marines currently scouting the region of Stroggos we refer to as Ishtar Chasmata. Headquarters have been monitoring this area for some days since evidences of anti-matter experiments were detected. If the Strogg can develop anti-matter weapons the equilibrium of this war could be drastically changed. They could even be able to restore the interplanetary gateway between Stroggos and Earth and launch a terrible counterstrike. We urgently need to know their plans, thus your primary task is to infiltrate the underground arsenal and steal whatever weapons designs or schematics you may find. Once you get the secret information, you’ll need to find a Com Center and transmit your data to the mothership. Intelligence will elaborate further strategy and orders according to your findings. You will be likely sent further deep into Ishtar Chasmata to find the source of that a-m relief and attempt to neutralize it. But beware, it won’t be easy. The local Warlord will surely track your moves. He has a loyal and well-trained army at his disposal, and he’s ready to deal with you with his own hands, if necessary. We wish you the best of luck in accomplishing this mission.

Review :

This episode made of 8 maps including some feature only available through lazarus engine is the first one from the author and even if the srart may look a little average it really grow up while you progress and will make you cross some intense and great looking area.
Design: For a first release and even if the author took some inspiration from other well done level (this is mentioned in the html included in the zip file), I was definitely impressed. At start and especially for the two first maps the design looks OK with some interesting detail features but honestly is quite average with a feeling of putting together some squared placed well interconnected but lacking spirit and atmosphere. After and when you enter the base the author slightly and surprisingly increase is mapping skill and the size of places you are going to travel through, it’s not just the design but also the use of moving things the way gameplay is oriented, the traps, the secret places everything just catch you attention in the way we like this game (first screen)… it will not just continue on the same level till the end and some place can be minored by a simple use of repetitive texture and minor lightning but this happens not too much and is normal to all human who are working on a whole unit to have some decrease in inspiration.


Gameplay: is most of the time correctly balance but sometimes, and especially at the end of level 3 and start of level 4 the challenge was put a little too high (with the help of the quite harmful turnable canon) and nearly turn into frustration. The use of the new feature coming with the lazarus engine really put an interesting additional point, also the way you need to travel cleverly through each level never look confusing and add a immersive feeling to each level you need to travel. Features are always well put together (included ammo, weapon you receive and health) but the fact that at the middle of the episode there were some tight moments, when you receive something extra, you just keep it, so that both end battle look somewhat easy to accomplish due to those extra quad damage and invulnerability… The search for those secret features and secret places was also well put together to add more stuffs to people who are looking for everything but without letting the one who won’t take too much time without nothing.

In conclusion: for a first attempt, Andrea really creates an enjoyable and challenging experience in a mostly well put together environment, it’s not perfect but not far from it so this is a mission that everybody should test if it wasn’t done before.

Playtime: 3 hours

Rating: A B C D E (90%)

Note: for the one interested in the statistic releated with the release here are the details:
                                               enemies ___objectives___secrets_
map 1 : Hydroponic labs_________54/54______ 1/1__________ 2/4
map 2 : Greenhouse____________24/25_______ 1/1_________ 1/2
map 3 : The Arsenal____________70/73________2/2_________ 0/4
map 4 : Terminal 2______________62/62_______2/2_________ 4/5
map 5 : Spare parts factor________56/55_______5/5_________ 2/3
map 6 : Factory Engineering_______29/32_______1/1_________ 0/2
map 7 : High tech academy________80/80______3/3__________0/1
map 8 : Inner City______________134/136_____1/1___________0/0

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Double Helix for Opposing Force


Level name: Double Helix

Author: Richard Hammer

Release date: 26 July 2001

Size: 2 735 ko

Number of maps: 10

website: None

alternative download: note that the readme was include in the pak2 file so I have recompile it with 7z






Review :

this is the third releae from Richard and it's certainly also the best, He took a lot of attention to the remark that were done regarding the previous release but at then end this one miss a lot of cohesion through poor attention to fixable details and to something just fluid and not a collection of well designed area.

Design: is a mix between some well layout scene and lots of tiny detail missing like more than one missaligned texture...This was something that really estonished me after playing and looking to the will travel through a lot of well designed area not perfectly crafted but well atmospheric but the way they were put together just miss a good fluidity and storyline, in additon you have a lot of missaligned texture floor and corners witch is really sad regarding the good general design  and also the something poor map change and especially the last one that make in adition the game returning to OS more thatn one time...

Gameplay: is well balanced nothing is really hard here but it's really fun thats why it won't take a long time to get to the end of this one, that, except the minor bugs was quite enjoyable, all feature were well matched and I only will regret that there was no more use of ambushes, traps or simply better use of OF features (under others, new enemies, weapons, and puzzle associeted) 

In conclusion: This collection of maps was fearly enjoyable but could have been a lot more fun if the author would have put some more attention to detail and set of gameplay. for playtime is still well worth to give it a try.

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (61%)

Q2 Episode 1 for Quake 4


Level name: Q2 episode 1 base

Author: Porutchik

Release date: 8 january 2010

Size: 208 873 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: None

download from filefront: here


None it's a remake from the first part of Q2 converted to Quake 4

Review :

Design is quite what it should be so the conversion is a good reproduction from the original Quake2 it's fun to play through this classic FPS for all fans through a more accurate only lack a little from originality, make a new intro cutscene in place of using the the Quake2 associated with the quality of 10 year ago, a 'not so close to the original' approach a better integration of original texture expecially through the fact that there is a high resolution project  available and finally the mission of good sound effect in place of this repetitive till boring music background

Gameplay is well balance and fun to play even if the enemy damage is sometime put quite high witch caused some really thaught challenge but never unbeatable, I would have hope to find back those 'secret place'and have this backward/forward travelling from map to map like it is available in Quake2 but those minor issue could perhaps be more difficult to solve.

In conclusion: the author spended  a lot of time (4 years) to try to convert Quake2 to Quake4 witch seems to have been quite difficult the result even if it suffer from minor issues is quite enjoyable and so if you have still Quake4 install and would like to have a good action fighting in a not perfect but above average environment, this experience is for you.

Playtime: 1 hour

Rating: A B C D E (68%)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Xen Campains for Opposing Force


Level name: The xen campain

Author: Red Sky Projects

Release date: 21 spetember 2003

Size: 13 367 ko

Number of maps: 14

website: None

alternative download:


Incoming Transmission

Classification: Classified

Date: 3/2/3 PBM (Post Black Mesa)

Subject’s History: 3 years after black Mesa, Adrian Shepherd was been assigned to a remote outpost on an outer Xen Moon. Reason For Assignment: Convoys to inner Xen world bases have been disappearing, confirming the reports that the massing Xeno Armies have been strategically attacking and taking control of the Terran Space Force bases.

Objectives: Primary- Retake Xen Base Alpha

Secondary- Investigate the source behind the massing of forces and the  attacks on the TSF bases.

Outcome: Unconfirmed….

End Transmission

Review :

this team wanted to send back caporal Sheperd to an outpost called xen but most of us didn't really like this HL part wish was certainly a part of the challenge of this addon to make us like something that we didn't too much like
Design: is most of the time pretty average and sadly decrease in quality when we reach the end (last maze before the end scene) several location looks ok but never enhance the quality for this release several touch where still enjoyable but more on an external way to put the storyline through on text message and cutscene the way the team also wanted to stay to close to xen original theme and is lak of original texturing also make the whole unit suffer from creativity.

Gameplay: is well challenging most of the time and also sometime try to be not too classic by integrating some team fights, puzzling but hopefully no jumping. For the puzzle they also may look frustrating through the fact it's not always easy to understand what to do and especially with the Tentacle (just keep in mind that you need there to find the barnacle , that is needed after for another puzzle, and kill the tentacle) but expet this experience it never turn to frustration and was quite pleasant. regarding the fludity of the gameplay the items placement and special cases it was OK

In conclusion: This addon felt just a little bit to light in mapping consistance, gameplay feature and interest.
I think like in a big amount of maps and mod authors really were immersing into there job for the first part and after that wanted to make it  more and more perfect but this leads to an increase in time spending that at the end turns to a rushing to finish stuff because of loosing interest regarding the time spend. It's not from great quality but if you have an our or two to spend playing something it could satisfy you.

Playtime: 2 hours

Rating: A B C D E (58%)

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Katagean Redoubt for Quake1


Level name: The Katagean Redoubt

Author: Chris 'Simulacrum' Houston

Release date: 04 March 2008

Size: 1 465 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None

from quaddicated



Review :
The author who did several attempt back in the early 2000 wanted to get a little expereince in order to apply to some gaming industry job, He so decided to get back into design and especially for Quake 1 regarding the success of his release he wanted to extend this map to a small episode but nothing shines since then
Design: The architecture is a mix between e1m3 and e1m4 brigging some Castle base design full of those green bricks and wood floor, It can easilly be consider as 'old school' regarding the inspiration comming from the original level.  The layout is neat and impressive featuring a well interconnected castle full of nasty surprise and secrets places (8). A lot of attention has been put into this one to create some wonderfull places to visit and this with an up and down view regarding the way you progress...Action even if perfectly balance nearly doesn't take place outdoor and doesn't really provides a lot of mechanism and trigger effects (both would have certainly increase the skill of the author and the way we can judge his skill). But this is only a personnal point of view and only minor aspect regarding the whole unit.

Gameplay is a good mix beween fight and progression in a quite linear way at first and after (regrading the central room and the access through keys) more unlinear. Weapons give is progressive sothat you need to really take care to enemies and the ways you use each weapons...This time I had not that much problems finding the secrets places which is also from the 'old school' approach. The fights where pretty well balance and most of the time easy to predict when they should be more challenging but even in this way the last battle was a real nightmere....The way the gameplay was balanced was perfectly fitting to my way of playing and it was therefore a pure playtime delight
In conclusion: this release should really encourage everybody to try to handle some mapping experience, the author come back after 7 year and a short immersing time  to produce a enjoyable challenging experience in a well crafted environment it's certainly not perfect but in the way the author used his skill he did it in a remarkzble manner.

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 33' 03''    secrets 6/8     kills 133/136 

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (88%)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Arkot_Catlekeep for RTCW


Level name: Arkot_Catlekeep

Author: Arkot 24 (Reedited by Vicpas)

Release date: 04 June 2006

Size: 10 165 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None

alternative download:

Author's Desciption

This map is my first work in single player maps . This was made in about 3 month's time on and off and was created to learn more about single player mapping

Review :

Design: Regarding this one the way is was design looks more like an early stage of mapping, it's more a collection of squared rooms put together with the needed stuff with just here and there some different touch and especially the wood stair to access the second floor. Most of the action take place indoor with some outdoor view, general layout and architecure even if I might be consider as basic, provides all we would like to find from brakable objects to secret places, lighting is also good so that on an average level everything is nice several content where still for me above average and especially the intro objective map (sadly not in english) and the small cutscene when you activate the access to the storage area.

Gameplay: is well balanced all items and enemies are waiting for you where they should be, to progression is quite free and not to oriented (different way of progression until the last objective exit). So finally the gameplay is well put together with the design to provide an enjoyable experience more base on an action fighting than on a action thinking and looking.objective being also mostly evident to find and do.

In conclusion: A well balanced expeirence map correctly related between gameplay and design, don't except any 'waouw' while you progress but in the otherway you won't get bored while playing this one.

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (72%)

Friday, March 19, 2010



Level name: OPOF

Author: Jakub 'Thompson' Poniatowski

Release date: 4 August 2004

Size: 1 027 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: Author's profile

filefront download: here



Review :

Design: it's a quite short release with starting  in a kind of inside place of a Castle were some german and stuffs are waiting for you after that you need to find an entrance to the Cave and secret operating center the  interconnection isn't perhaps that good and the starting place look a little to boxy and without any surounding view even if detail and realism is well used. the switch to the lower part is a bit ectic  but what follow even if a little repetitive is well done the attention to the wine cave, the meeting room and all breakable stuffs and secrets really put in advance the real volonty from the author to do it's best

Gameplay: quite short...some tiny challenge in the outside area and after it become more obvious excpet what you really need to do so go into each corner to find some secret and activating system, after you will need to travel a little to find the exit witch will done finished with the status page.

In conclusion: I really think the author wanted to make something more important but certainly trough lack of time just release a short but well done RTCW experience...sadly it's too short and the was really a lot of potential.

Playtime: 10 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (68%)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new poll and info

So I have started a new poll...just wanted to know how you came here

In addition I Have add a new feature perhaps up to date (is it still?)that allow you to follow this blog update more easily, but if you use a reader with RSSfeed I don't think it's highly usefull, except for me to share some other small information that doesn't really need A blog update.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breakfast at twilight for Quake 1

Name: Breafast at Twilight

Author: Peter 'Hrimfaxi' Sörensen

Release date: 12 September 2007

Size: 4 856 ko

Number of maps: 1+ 1start map

website: None

from quaddicated

Additionnal pack required :
quoth is necessary to play correctly this one...and a bunch of recent releases


Not really - just shoot anything!
Review :

Design:  In one word : Wonderfull !!! and shine directly through the statring map where you can choose your skill.
The Place is quite huge and will provide a large area that need to be discover by accessing key protected area, the fact that you sometime can seen trough windows balcony and other view what is awaiting you is well crafted.
The outdoor and indoor scene are well put together to make you admire the places you are going to travel through, architecture and use of textures really creation some intense visual moment, lightning is also well provided. The skybox is perfectly fitting the theme and name of the map...Visually everything looks really great some more sound or background atmosphere would even add a more immersive feeling but this would only be a tiny touch.

Gameplay: like the design it's solid, with over 160 monsters on normal setting the battle to survive and progress will be quite hard the use of new monsters and there placement was also well done lot's of secret zone are there to provide you with some addition qwest if you are able to find them (witch wasn't my case), the surprise is just behind every corner and this will only reinforce your desire to finish the map. Battle are sometimes surprising, sometime tough, through the difficluty to move and fight back but it was the aim wasn't it? to be able to play this type of release you should be prepare through the challenge and difficult to deserve whats next

In conclusion: after several play through Peter's release I'm now a total fan of is mapping skill  that remind me from another great mapper Shaun 'Kona' Ross this one is without no doubt a must play and extremely invite you to reinstall Quake 1 for the amount of great release that still need to be revisited or/and review
 Statistics on Normal skill:   playtime 48' 40''    secrets 2/11     kills 166/166 

Playtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (94%)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Star scream for Quake 1


Level name: Star scream

Author: Dustin 'Ttronyn' Geeraert

Release date: 07 Mai 2003

Size: 329 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None anymore

from quaddicated


None...a map oriented to be playing with all support so perfectly design for SP Coop and MP

Review :

Design: It's a short map with mostly a linear gameplay from the top to the bottom of a kind of 'space castle' Architecture is well put together and reminds me of some UT deathmatch maps, it creates a immersive highlight Castle, indoor is limited but outdoor, especially regarding the small size, is well interconnected. Lightning is put were it should be and if the use of texture is limited it give perfectly the ambiance we like.

Gameplay is wellbalanced with a design from the bottom to the top. You will need to get rid of enemies that are most of the time attacking you from above, additionnally it's quite easy if you move too much to fall down into space and die, this add a bit of challenge. It's still quite an easy map in normal mod with limited amount of enemies. All freatures are put where they needed to provide a good single play experience

In conclusion: short and enjoyable what else do we need if we want a break.

 Statistics on normal skill:   playtime 5' 27''    secrets 0/1     kills 35/35 

Playtime: 10 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (70%)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Human Error: Ep 1 Fpr Half-Life 2 Ep2


Level name: Human Error: Episode 1

Author: Half-Life Short Stories Team

Release date: 8 February 2010

Size: 334 893 ko

Number of maps: 7

website: here

download: at planetphillip

Some chose to resist, others chose to collaborate; to yield to the Combine and enforce their rule and will. One such body is the Civil Protection unit, an arm of the Overwatch that maintains order in the Cities. In Human Error, become part of a small Civil Protection team that is pitted against the remains of the Xenian forces, who are making a last ditch effort to escape Earth. Utilize a variety of new tools such as controllable manhacks, and use new vehicles such as the APC.

Review :

Design: Looking back to Duke Nukem and the first age of FPS we found a lot of release that came with some new features and was called back Total Conversion... this one totally reminds me from this approach, new enemies, weapons, textures, voice acting...  It was a long time ago since I had this particular feeling playing a free release that integrates a full custom content. The story behind was perhaps not that clear (at least for me) with Andrew's girl through flashback and appearance with a little F.E.A.R. because sometimes you have some doubt about her real thaught (good or bad).
The overall design can always been critisize especially when you have a lot of custom content, people think that everything should always been from high quality especially when it seems more difficult to create some custom content that to create maps. It this way it's clear that human error never make you travel through unique location from high atmosphere like you can encounter them in the original Episode 2...Location are really from a classic bottle perhaps sometimes too dark, witch is for me part of the atmosphere but will decrease the feeling of general layout and detail, this wasn't for me disapointing because I was happy with what it was. Addition to the General layout Human error comes with a lot of new created content and this is was I really loved.
Starting with the new models from enemies to weapons to the cusomized overuse power generator, the pilotable NPC and Manhacks, the sniper rifle sadly unuse through a dedicated gameplay area and the attention to modelling of all main characters. All of them were quite well done and also gave a good turn back to half life first experience.

Gameplay: The fact you play as a combine was still perturbating and this something i don't like to, like playing as a german in a WW2 game, I think it's part of our 'the bad and the good' approach witch can sound as nonsense regarding the fact that FPS gaming is just a 'killing' game  witch is certainly not good...But all in all this 'combine team' appoach with some differents main characters add this cooperative gameplay I really like in the more recent FPS gaming experience, sadly in my appoach if you part of a combine team it's a kind of squad where the main aim is too be efficient (move and act without thinking too loud) and not to talk like if you where on a happy journey, It's sure it add a better filling than to play without any 'sound environment' but for me  it's unrealistic...
With this team apporach you will also be able to conduct the NPC (cool experience), to drive the manhack through vent and stuff, an amazing experience through the difficulty of  third dimension mouvement and also through the limited angle of view  this was really a great moment of inovative gameplay.
Even if it was sometimes challenging, also by the fact you cannot carry out all weapons but need to choose, it was also a little disapointing with the too easy end battle gameplay sometimes also went to 'what's next now?' feeling where you turn arround and after turn to external help to find what to do (happens ones) but all in all the fluidity of all those feature dropped into the game while you progress was perfrectly timed to create a not perfrect but still unique experience.
There are certainly a lot of things to improve but the challenge was put on a high live through integrating a lot of new features, trying to make a background storyline,  an interesting gampelay and give the whole first episode a good structure, even if not perfrect through voice talking, mission, combats and puzzles

In conclusion: Even if there are a lot of things that could have been done better, the fresh new content really add a woaw feeling when I encounter it sothat I defenitly consider this mod as a personal favorite and can only recommend it clearly and hope we won't wait too much for Episode two.

Playtime: 2 hours 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (94%)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Biotoxin for Quake1


Level name: Biotoxin

Author: Christian 'CZG' Grawert

Release date: 03 April 2001

Size: 550 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None anymore

from quaddicated

Author's Note

My entry for 100 brush V2.00 contest:

Biotoxin - Where toxic waste comes to die, and to be pumped out into earths ecosystem.

Review :

Design: It's an hundred brush competition so it may look quite limited but Christian is a master so everything is well put together in a limited base a lot influenced by Quake2 (the author even use some Q2 textures) everything is well oriented to make you travel through, enjoy the lightning and even some little effects with on text messag. Enemies placements, weapons and ammo/health is put were they should to create some challenge but not too much...

Gameplay is perfectly balance increasing while you progress puzzle are only there to make you travel from up to down, it's really enjoyable and never frustrating with in some spot a nasty surprise what elese should we expect from a limited competition enjoyable well eyes looking and not frustrating.

In conclusion: I'm really a fan of those base map for Quake 1 and this one, build by one of my favorite quake author, even if quite short isn't an exception. Short, fun and sweet the ideal break for the people, like me , that don't have a lot of playtime.

 Statistics:   playtime 10' 30''    secrets 0/0     kills 54/54 

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (91%)