Thursday, September 18, 2008

Operation Nova for Half-Life


Level name: Operation Nova

Ben Greenwood

date: 14 september 2008

Size: 5 813 ko

Number of maps: 7

website: here

download: At


authors's note :

A single-player episode for Half-Life 1. The episode takes place during the events featured in the original Half-Life; specifically, the episode entitled On a Rail. The player plays John Skinner, a cleaner who wears a similar HEV suit to Freeman, and is hence mistaken for him by the military. Skinner’s objective is to destroy a surface-to-air missile launcher, which the military have brought in to take out the sattelite delivery rocket being launched by Freeman. The episode features voice acting performed by experienced voice actors (including some with professional voice acting experience).”

Review :

This one seems to be the first release from the author who manage to create a short but well balance episode with a lot of integration in terms of puzzle, AI interaction and Even more.

Design was correct and quite varied there was no tremendus work in terms of architecture and even if some places seems to be to squary they were well mixed together adding outdoor and indoor travelling. The interconnection and the items placement makes it a perfect sequel with creativity to what has been provided by the original game there isn't any new stuff except some prefabs and a high quality voice acting environment.

Gameplay is well balance and perfectly script some puzzle are dificult to solve (but there is a hint.txt in case of) and AI interaction is well set to make you travel through the complex in a well organized mission. This is really the interesting point, hints and tips are given by acting voice AI and you will need to go a lot backward in a non linear way. Ammo and health are wells spread to make the challenge increase with you progression end place is aztmospheric but lack an outro cutscene

In conlcusion: For a first effort Ben put a lot of energy as equal in scipting as in mapping to create and enjoyable mission integrating correct environment, good and even sometimes a little hard puzzeling but an interesting and immersing mission. It's really worth the effort to play this one

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (86%)


Note :I test this one with my old Half-Life copy using update without any problems

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Holiday at Aegean Melathron

I had 3 week of holiday during August and I will just share my 14 days Greeks experience with you, readers

This year for our family holiday we decided to go to Greece to find the sun that didn't really shine here in Belgium.

We reserved our holiday at the Aegean Melathron situated on the nearly island of Kassandra part of Chalkidiki on aproximatly 100km south of Thessaloniki.

The first aim of the holidays was to take some rest and perhaps rent a car or do some trips to visit the region. Hotel was quite intesting especially regarding the confort of the room (wide, well located, calm and with an outstanding layout).
The Hotel is quite well organized with lot's of swimming pools, restaurant, and houses well oriented. The old part beach part of the road was build 5 years ago the new part on the other side of the road (linked by a tunnel) was opened this year.
The tourist are comming from everywhere but mainly Bulgary, Greece, Germany, England and Belgium...language most common used is english...
Service at the hotel was what is neede with cleaning, adding confort with sometimes great touch of services like chocolate in the room every evening, a small drink if you are late at the evening diner, small golf car for travelling to the beach, ...
I was sadly a little disapointed by mainly the excessive price of drinks at diner time, the food deliver was certainly in good quantity but the quality sometimes make you more think as a 3star hotel...also people behavior at the dinner room was unrespectable but this happens everywhere.

In addition to the hotel holiday we add two travelling excursions:

  • the safari (safari-hellas), a day trip through forest roads with a great guide called Stratos landscape is wonderfull even a little distroyed by some fire 5 years ago. recommanded if you can drive and can do it all you family

  • the pirate cruise more made to take tourist money it was ok but nothing really special no real animation, jumping from the ship into the sea, swim and following the coast with a simple dish at lunch time but for the kids it was ok

there are lots of other posibility: karting, night club, visiting kalithea, scuba diving and lots more

Even if holiday become quite expensive and it's more and more difficult to find something with a good relation between price and quality the Aegean Melathron is certainly a place to take in account...also Greece is a perfect place to visit if you like sunny days, fun, not too expensive and the lool and swim in a marvellous blue sea.

I also have add a new link to my bad guy it's a small game where nearly everything is fixed except your bad guy that you need to create to fight against me and the others everyday (to start 6 fights and after 3 fights a day) you make some battle and win points whish will make you increase in ranking.
To progress you have also another way is to add 'students' by linking you profile to friends (that what i'm doing here) the pyramidal effect in some way...the only frustration if that fights are happening out of control except the choosing of you opponent...quite pathetic