Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magellanic Stream for Half Life 2 Ep 2


Level name: Magellanic Stream
Author: Miiga

Release date: 19 February 2012

Size: 6 469 ko

Number of map: 1

website: none

download: at planetphillip

None by the author

Review :

Design:  Is well put together only in an indoor environment lot's of puzzle are well made and certainly add a special atmosphere to the design it's for shure never tremendous or exiting to enter a new room because it's simpe krafted in the way it should but there was no aim and no time to look at the environment and since it's only indoor it's not that easy to catch the attention visually especially when the environment is limited by the puzzle and combats to make it challenging

Gameplay: The map is design for it, from easy puzzles to surpising one this map will provide you in term of gameplay and excellent challenge and especially the one with the water rising, this one is reallty trilling through all the stuffs put on your route to brake you progression there is a good mix between simple puzzle and traps and thaught combats especially the ending one. Everything is well put together to provide the experience we like and which motivate us to play. It's not that easy too and this may cause disapointed to some gamer like the fact that you will never see any sky which could have been a good end suprise.

In conclusion: this is not the fist experience from Miigga and ones more this will catch you attemption perhaps sometime with frustration but also when you manage to win the final battle with some rewardness of finishing it. A good map for a short but intense experience

Playtime: 1 hour

Rating: A B C D E (88%)