Monday, October 19, 2009

Poll 3: would you like some build game related stuff reviewed here

the title was:

would you like to have some build game related stuff reviewed here ?

here are the result :

Not a great encouraging vote regarding the possibility to add build game, sothat I think people don't really care about and let me the choice to add them or actual point of view is simple for the moment I don't have enough spare time to add classic review (like the one already present) so I will certainly in the close future not add those build games but perhaps this will get some evolution in 2010 or even after

I have also a quite mixed filling regarding both actual blog i'm taking care of:
first i'm pretty proud to have reach arround 5000 hits to my blog in one year (4000 for WWspmapcorner) I wouldn't thaught that so much people could pass by my blog thanks to all In addition to this 100 reviews have been added in arround 3 years witch is quite consistant
second i'm pretty disapointed by the fact I don't find enough spare time to play and review stuff this principaly because I actually more and more being involved into rally simulation and second that my private life also need some more attention than before if I don't want to ruin everything

I don't have any actual possible poll in mind to submit, but when I have one I will add it.

thanks for your visits

Friday, October 09, 2009

Arkanian for Quake2


Level name: Arkanian

Author: Mike 'Jerkoff' Daugherty

Release date: 7 March 1998

Size: 1 678 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: None anymore

download: from Talon's database


With Stroggos in ruins and Makron and his body destroyed, you have now crash landed on Afeitazar, a military base built into one of the barren rocks in a nearby asteroid feild. Fitting, this military base is inhabited by Makron's twin brother, ARKANIAN.
ARKANIAN and his forces have but one mission:
***To destroy planet Earth.***
With Stroggos destroyed, Afeitazar is rapidly plummeting towards earth,as there is no gravitational pull holding Afeitazar in orbit.
ARKANIAN is not located in the military base as we first thought, but in a large Space Station that is using Afeitazar as a shield to get close to earth, where he will activate the doomsday device equipped on his station.
As long as ARKANIAN stays behind the asteroid, Earth forces will not be able to stop him.
**Your mission is as follows:**
As Earth's only chance for survival, you must infiltrate the military base on Afeitazar. There is only one point of entrance into ARKANIAN's space station, and Intelligence reports that it is heavily guarded. Find it, and enter ARKANIAN's lair.It is probable that you will encounter ARKANIAN and you *will* have to kill him. From satelite images, we have determined that once he is killed, you will have access to the doomsday device.
Once you have disabled the device, the space station will become unstable.
This is all the information we have right now, and it is unclear whether this station is equipped with escape pods. It is very unlikely that they are present, as this station was built to serve only one purpose.
Good luck, soldier - This mission may be your last...::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
**Some information that might help you in "The Final Trial":
SAVE the quad that you get in "Ruins of Arkanian". It will help GREATLY in the final level.

Review :

Wouw it's over ten year that this one was produced the author shifted after to half-life mapping but i really lost it's trace. This one consist of a small episode featuring 1 major map intro and outro boss experience. the author didn't put as much effort as he would in this release so that he think this one isn't perfect and could have been really more developped but if you want something to be perfect there is never an ending to it's development.

I will be honest I was quite impressed with this release trough it's layout and architecture even if it's not that perfect, really creates something close to the original game but totally from scartch with a good storyline effect enjoyable texturing and quite a lot of travelling in a non linear way the experience isn't to much repetitive and alternates in the way we like puzlles and combats

Gameplay was perfectly balance with the progression and the weapons you find increasing the challenge while you're travelling; there is no secret to find and this is perhaps the only disapointment objective are well put along the expeirence to keep you busy all stuff (enemies and features) are well place and at the right moment to prepare you to the end battle that add the prefect challenge but without falling into a boring impossible ending.

In conclusion: this is the typical expirience i like it's well balance regarding design and gameplay and as a reasonable playtime certainly part of my best map for Quake2.

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (89%)