Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is my second blog and its also focussed on SP map for FPS related to a collection of review I made during 3 year for Alejandro Mapping Center.

The aim of this blog will be to provide a short review from a map or mod non professionally released with screenshots, info an others.

Game Covered will be HL, RTCW, HL2 and DOOM3 and will be normally linked to planetphillip (www.planetphillip.com) according his Syndicated reviews.

I hope you will enjoy you tour and will interact with this blog especially if you're regarding to some maps and mods. Also if you would like to see a review for another game (Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Q1, Q2,...) don't hesitate to post a message

Actually my other blog has the same covering but in Frensh: http://fps-stock.blogspot.com/

Just hope to have more comment than on my frensh blog...

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PlanetPhillip said...

This looks good. Well done. Just a few suggestions.

Make the image the full width on the post column. Then put the details underneath, making them easier to read. I also suggest changing the "Time of gaming" to "playtime". Finally move the "Time of gaming" and the rating to above the review.

Keep up the good work, I hope you find the other reviews!