Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breakdown 2 for Half-Life

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Level name: Breakdown 2 : Afterward

Author: Pavel Koten

Date of release: 27 July 2003

Size: 15 950 Ko

Number of maps: ?




... That day should be the beginning of great celebrations, because the mankind created machine for transfering a biological material. But the scientists at Black Mesa didn´t count with surfeit of transport nucleus, and the whole transfer can sprain out of control. Something like this has happened during the main test, which was initiated by Gordon Freeman. Thanks to the great energy, that was produced by transporter, the secondary leaky nucleus was started. It´s handling has taken off experienced team of scientists, including Dr. Jonathan Wood. It is hard to say where was the error, but the weird monsters started to appear all over the complex, and they slaughtered every human existence. Some dashers tried to escape, the others self-murdered and the rest with panic fear has hidden in the darkest corners of the facility. Rescue should appear quickly, but what followed can be described only as "erasing the clues". Government simply didn´t want any evidences about the situation, that happened in the New Mexico. But one thing was clear - there won´t be any help from outside. Jonathan like the only survivor of the team began rescuing his own life, but after many fights and pitfalls he was captured by an army forces. Now he is awaking in the unknown part of the complex, and his only friend is fear, that herds him forward...


Breakdown 2 is the sequel to Pavel Koten’s first release. For this one Pavel keeps his way of making a challenging experience but with some sweetie innovations. Design is well put together (even if some parts are a little too repetitive) and takes place in another research center after an accident.

Even if some external help is provided here and there the challenge is omnipresent (If you are not an experienced player I recommend to play it on easy skill) especially for the first part. General design is above average and well put together with small puzzles (which are most of the time evident) but you may encounter in places some r-speed problems due to an overuse of entities.
Enemies are more alien oriented in the first part and later more grunts oriented. Finally with some cool innovations (some book left that you need to read during your travel, an entertaining sports car ride…you will certainly enjoy this realisation.

In conclusion: Certainly better than his first release, this one left me with a good feeling, worth for at least two hours of gaming

Playtime: 2 hours

Rating: A B C D E (84 %)

note : picture where taken without permission from the author's site where you can look to some more of them

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