Monday, January 14, 2008

Love story of prince of Stroggos for Quake 2


Level name:Love story of prince of Stroggos

Author: Yuri 'dyv' Davidov

Release date: 21 May 1999

Size: 3 689 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: author's page (Russian)

download: At ltdan


Guys, here is the story of my love.

Every time I recall it, my heart beats faster and with each thump of it I fly back to the remote past when I was as young as you are now.Then I was not king of Stroggos butonly a prince and there was wind in my head. Together with my friends we landed on different planets, staged skirmishes there - we were leading a normal, carefree life.
But once upon a time I ran against Iron. And I fell for her.One would not say she wasa beauty. But as some aliens said ( I presume they were from the Earth ), there are no unattractive women, there is a lack of booze.Nevertheless Iron had luxurious breasts andappetizing little lips =).So I realized at once it was my fate and I proposed to her immediately.Being a decent girl Iron vacillated just a bit and then gave her consent. The wedding had to take place next day.
According to our age-long tradition I gathered my old friends for a "men-only" party.We took a boat and sailed off to say goodbye to my bachelor life... It goes without sayingthat we took with us as much beer and vodka as the boat could hold.
I have to say that during my princeship the country was ruled by my regent Makron. According to the law he had to reign untill I got married. After that I had to becomeking.Obviously this bastard Makron at once realized that he had only a few hours to rule and conspired a plot. Taking the advantage of my absence he kidnapped of my little Iron and declared me an outlaw.
... Howevere much booze one has, sooner or later it comes to an end. Having run out of stock, we decided to get back to the city. My head was splitting, I felt giddy. Unexpectedly when we were entering the city, the gates in front and behind us closed down,and that's when all this started ...

Review :

This short release is quite impressive throught it's design and gameplay and is for sure a particular release you shouldn' miss if you did before.

Design is really impressive and take a lot of inspiration from the kremlin place. Realisation make you travel from place to place in a non linear way and will make you visit different location from Castle to tower and even an up-to-date bar. Theme is perfectly fitting with immersive custom content and beautifull eyes looking places. Fluidity through the architecture is also good and will just fill you memories with good stuff.

Gameplay except perhaps the challenge (too easy?) is also full of good surpise lot's of exploration good secrets location extra content through collecting coints to deliver bonus or the amount of custom sounds and voice acting. All those things just bring a great packed mission full of surpise Sadly it's too short and a little too easy to really deliver the perfect release.

In conclusion: Another one you should miss nearly perfect through architecture and gameplay a little to short in challenge and playtime.

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (83%)


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