Friday, March 28, 2008

Sandscroll for Half-Life


Level name: Sandscroll

Author: Kasperg

Release date: 13 july 2006

Size: 3 514 ko

Number of maps: 2

website: here

download: At


authors's note :

This map takes place in some sort of Egyptian tomb, where you will find combat as well as some little puzzle solving. It’s longer than Vilcabamba and better designed IMO. Custom textures by me, so I apologize if some of them look cartoony. Enjoy the map

Review :

This is not the first effort from the author witch is well known for is fantastic demonstration map (both for HL 1&2) is last release in collaboration with Chris Fox called The citizen recieved mainly award from the community. In this early one the use of custom texturing and effect was created to produce a kind of Pyramid experience.

The main objective for this experience is to travel thorugh the entired pyramid complex by defeating enemies and traps and gain access to the main place to get the treasure.

Design is top notch everything fits well togethern, texturing is wonderfull and even if it's a little repetitive the architecture isn't. Traps are omnipresent and they design is also interesting. Everything is here really handled in a professional way to create a short but unique half-life experiences.

Gameplay is mostly streight forward some respawn, some combats and traps make you progression sometimes difficult or unexpected. Enemies placement is good and well balance with limited weapon and health. Puzzle will make you think a little witch add certainly the most important aspect of half-life. Final challenge and the way you are reward with the treasure add the final touch

In conlcusion: this is a perfect example of a nealry perfect release: custom content, architecture, gameplay everything is so fluid handled that its a perfect fun map...sadly it's defenetly too short but regarding the time that was spend for making this one we just need to be happy to have such a gaming experience.

Playtime: 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (89%)



thanks goes to Ryan 'Quakis' Rouse for providing the screenshots.

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