Monday, February 23, 2009

Campagne première partie for Opposing Force


Title: Campain First part

Author: caco

Release date: 17 may 2008

Size: 1 391 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: none

download: at


None mentionned (no TXT avaialble) you just wake up in black mesa for a kind of different mission that the one you are normally doing.

Review :

This small release was made using tutoriails made by a french site called le siteduzero Its a quite short experience but except the starting place design was quite good for a beginner map architecture is perhaps a little too boxy and a little too linear but texturing and scale are quite good make it fun to walkthrough.

Gameplay is quite limited, you progress in a quite easy way with no real puzzle and as only enemies some zombies...easy to beat you will reach quite fast the end of developpement when you need to explose box and the crack doesn't apears in the wall

In conclusion:I really hope this one will end and provide some puzzles and more fighting challenge because the design and ideas are already there and enjoyable.

Playtime: 15 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (65%)


23-down said...

Thanks for finding this! I enjoyed it i hope you will find more good mappacks or mods that aren't available anywhere else.

So far i like your site really much you're doing a fine job i didn't played just 1 of the maps available here before.

Hope to see more good Op4 stuff. I know you can find it.

Unknown said...

finding good stuff that isn't know for OF is pure chance by surfing on the web but be shure that I still have thinks for HL and other covered game waiting to be added

thanks and glad you liked the site ;)