Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Plague for Half-Life


Title: The Plague


Release date:
16 March 2009

Size: 6 657 ko

Number of maps: 1

website 1: author's page

website 2: other author's page where I found this map

download:author's page


None,The author Just submit this map to contest "Level-design"

Review :

Yes I know another short release But this one, like Kaspberg's releases, really creates something different. You can easily link this one to quake 1 and perhaps some inspiration, but I'm not sure if the author got influence, from Shaun [Kona] Ross .

Design has a good looking architecture, with impressing texturing, in a way to create a route to your nightmare, attention to detail like those flying weapons and the gold rune with the addition of some scream and barrrier traps want to reproduce what we can find in some quake mission with a certain succeed.

Gameplay is also a lot influence by quake, pay attention when you pick up something because those zombies, alien slaves and grunts, Bullsquid and for an ending some alien controllers will spawn and cause you some nasty surpise, there is also at least one secret place. Progression is a short mix between activating button an backtraking to open new area. Ammo and health is exactly what you need to make it like it should be, at least for me...

In conclusion: The ambiance and the quake style feature really create something special, it's not that great because it's certainly too short but certainly put in front of our eyes that there is, there in the far east, a community that certainly old a lot of those interesting maps.

Playtime: 15 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (85%)


Spirit said...

Quake 1 influenced Half-Life, I must play this. Thanks a lot for this review.

Stef said...

sorry for the late reply and thanks for following my blog I think your point of view regarding this map and if you like it is interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

I finally played this. Very interesting map, way too short though. The beginning was very promising, unfortunately the rest did not live up to my expectations. It felt more like an intro map that "the whole thing". The textures were not very at times.