Monday, October 19, 2009

Poll 3: would you like some build game related stuff reviewed here

the title was:

would you like to have some build game related stuff reviewed here ?

here are the result :

Not a great encouraging vote regarding the possibility to add build game, sothat I think people don't really care about and let me the choice to add them or actual point of view is simple for the moment I don't have enough spare time to add classic review (like the one already present) so I will certainly in the close future not add those build games but perhaps this will get some evolution in 2010 or even after

I have also a quite mixed filling regarding both actual blog i'm taking care of:
first i'm pretty proud to have reach arround 5000 hits to my blog in one year (4000 for WWspmapcorner) I wouldn't thaught that so much people could pass by my blog thanks to all In addition to this 100 reviews have been added in arround 3 years witch is quite consistant
second i'm pretty disapointed by the fact I don't find enough spare time to play and review stuff this principaly because I actually more and more being involved into rally simulation and second that my private life also need some more attention than before if I don't want to ruin everything

I don't have any actual possible poll in mind to submit, but when I have one I will add it.

thanks for your visits

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