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hrim_sp4 - For Love of Evil for Quake1


Level name: hrim_sp4 - For Love of Evil

Author: Peter 'Hrimfaxi' Sørensen

Release date: 01/01/2010

Size: 5 645 ko

Number of maps: 3 + 1start level

website: here

download: here

Author's Note

this collection of maps were build over 5 years... and have been finally put together in this pack

For Love of Evil: The main map a large map mostly ID metal textures but also some textures by Kell and others.

Voidscape: A turtle map made in two days in 2004. Se the included Readme file below.

Brownie: A map intented for the sm128 session bur it wasn't finished at the time andabout half a year later I made it into a turtlemap (build it within a week)

Start: This map was made for this release within a weeks time.

These maps are totally unrelated and wil not follow each other when you play.
They all play independently.

Separated Review :

Start short and sweet it's from here you will enter the skill selection that for myself I let on the normal challenge.

Brownie is the first one I played, I will consider this one as a classic map through it's gameplay featuring a castle full of those evily surprise that can provide Quake 1.
Design is oriented arround a well crafted castle made of custome texture. Several place of view really give a nice touch, the general layout even if limited through the contest it was firstly build for, creates a nice atmosphere that could perhaps been a little enhanced by a more gloomy skybox.
Gameplay is for me quite classic but its what I like, never too hard but well balanced, the challenge will increase with your progression, the weapons you find and the keys to acces new places. the final battle may look too easy in the way you approach the fight but ones more this way is the one i prefer in comparaison with an open area where you only possibility to survive is a mix between run and shoot.

Statistics:    playtime 13'40''   secrets 0/1   kills 52/52

For love of Evil like the author's tell this is the larger and the main one. Eveything has been put in this one, base on a metal atmosphere, the author has put a lot of effort to created an enjoyable but not repetitive gameplay through fights and traps that need to be solved with a minimum of thinking.
Design even if the texture theme used may limit the interest was really well put toghether to show some wonderfull place to visit with some nice architecture in several place that really increase the atmosphere though their size,especially in height, lightning is good but some effect could have been put there to create one'smore a better gloomy feeling (but it wasn't perhaps suppose too).
Key, button and secret hunting will also face some challenging and unexpected event, but the fluidity through all those events was perhaps a little too expected.
For the gameplay this one like the previous really put the gameplay I like not unbeatable with some good challenge and some break and here and there some triggered event that need some small thinking, only those secret seems for me too difficult to find, but too be honest I really didn't look for them...ammo and health were perfectly available where we really needed them

Statistics:     playtime 35'02''   secrets 1/9    kills 130/133

VoidScape the last and the shortest and an original layout in space it was tiny to quite clostrophobic in some place but perftcly challenging and put together.
Designed like a passage lost in a mountain just put somewhere on a tiny flotting planet Peter was able to create something unique played fully outdoor with some jumping puzzle and havy fight in restricted area...with a totally different approach he was able to catch our attention for and quite enjoyable experience even if it was short and hard in someplace thorugh well placed ammo and health.

Statistics:      playtime  10' 48''  secret 0/1    kills 32/32

In conclusion: An enjoyable expeirence played arround different theme put together in  a single pack...It helped me at least rediscover Quake1,  with some fun an pleasure it's well worth if you are fan to test this one

Playtime: 1h 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (86%)

Note: thanks to Quakis
I finally could handle to have the mouse look...I know it may sound stupid but this was the most reason i didn't touch Quake1 anymore...just try it without mouse look...for the one who don't know how just open the console and type +mlook

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