Friday, February 24, 2012

The Altar of Storms for Quake 1


Level name: The Altar of Storms

Author: Corey 'Necros' Jones

Size: 47 680 ko

Number of maps: 2

Author's website: here

download: from quaddicated


2 Large maps set in a frozen world.  Sort of a tribute to TES4:Oblivion: The first map is a pseudo open-world map.
The theme for the second map is similar to ayleid ruins and the layout for the second map is based on the 'Miscarcand' (all 3 sections) dungeon.

Review :

The place where all happens is a castle like an iceberg (only 1/10 is visible) lost somewhere in a montain on a cold age, this level used a lot of features included new monster and boss a new shotgun and a great overall atmodsphere

You start in the outdoor area and need to go incide and collect runes and keys to progress through different places

Design is perfectly crafted, the use of custom textures  and well put together architecture create a unique atmosphere, lot's of even and traps are also include in this release which really breaks from classic gaming experience, every progression make you come accross new feature, and you know tahn when you enter a big room something awaits you

Gameplay is fantastic there is good display of feature from weapons to munition and health everything show mostly at the right moment, you can also break thinks arround to collect special bonus but pay attention not all of them are good suprsise, the combat are well equilibrate from challenging room to more tiny battle the progression also increase the challenge all new enemies really add a great enjoyment in your travel quest....dont simply forget that in quake if the combat is closer is more efficent to kill enemies  .
The progression is quite evident but this isn't the case for the secret places that need more attention which was not my case, no really chance to get lost but at the end some event force you to hurry and this give also some trilling, another great moment, then it's time to quite the undergrund to face the bost who will provide more bad surprise, the 'bath of health' like seen in Half-Life Xen part  give you another original alternative to a direct fight, and at the end the is a great scene to complete the pak

In conclusion: Just wow... playing this kind of release really immerse you in the past gaming which was so fantastic, if this come with lots of new features in an excellent achitecture is pure happyness

Note: The auhor provide some usefull info in the reame file to prevent crashing the game, I didn't encountered any problem with my machine 

 Statistics on normal skill:  map fingers of the gods  playtime 24' 32''    secrets 1/6     kills 261/278 
                                          map Ruins                    playtime   6'  02''    secret  0/0     kills     8/39    

Playtime: 1 hour

Rating: A B C D E (98%)


Anonymous said...

Seems like all the eggs are in the Quaddicted basket and the site is gone. Can't find this outside of quaddicted.

SEIKA said...

quadaddicted isn't down, for anyone who was having the same issue he and i were, i tried opera and quadaddicted came right up.