Friday, March 23, 2007

Catacombs : Part 1 for Half-Life


Level name: Catacombs: Part one

Author: Silent Rain aka 7Azimuth

Date of release: 4 avril 2006

Size: 2 202 Ko

Number of maps: 5

website: none


Story: none


This is a not so old release for Half-Life, it really remembers me the catacombs levels from RTCW and even if the ambiance especially sounds where a little lacking, I enjoyed it enough to make a small review of it

Design is correct but not really atmospheric, quite logic if you are in a cave: huge walls with same texturing making a sort of underground maze, texturing is repetitive and mostly straighforward so you couldn't really be lost... in some place you will encounter tombs, blocked passage or even see Barney runing (which was a little trilling) ambiance is quite dark but misses without no doubt more sounds and 'zombies' effect (like taking away sientist by holes).

Gameplay is quite basic some little puzzle quite easy button push (when it's a little hard there is an arrow...) to make you progression but, like in RTCW you can try to find secret places (5 to 6). Fights are limited to some zombies and headcrabs...hunting for weapon is not necessary but will make it easier.

The ambience is correctly set together but misses more sounds and traps or short scenes showing 'accidents'. What has also to be noticed is that situation are too static (all seems to have happened shortly before you arrive but you'll never face a real accident)
This is actually only part one and I really hope to see a sequel in the future.

In conclusion: A quite honest release with all put together an average construction that is highlightened here and there by some good idea (barney running, secret places).

Playtime: 20 minutes


Rating: A B C D E (62 %)

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