Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lost Facility for DOOM3


Level name: Lost facility

Author: Robert 'BJA' Hodri

Date of release: 27 july 2006

Size: 59 209 ko

Number of maps: 3



Story: None

Review :

This is the second release from the author according Doom 3 (for the other check Genetic Review) and like the first one it's really a recommended release.

This time Robert create a 3 maps pack that include an immersive intro cutscene. Architecture is even better as in Genetic and crafted in a intense and solid concrete building that doesn't include a lot of dark area (always a good way to hide a little the architecture failure). It's so huge that you sometimes ask yourself 'did i already past here?' Texture and items are well place all over to make realism even better only doors bother me a little (DOOM3 steel door in a concrete crafted building look foor me a little out of context). Progression is straight forward and there is no real forward-backward moving through the complex, you will just revisit place by door that are

Gameplay is perhaps not enough challenging (but i highly enjoy this choice since i
don't want to reload 10 times). Puzzle are smart and easy to understand and in this
way (challenging and easy'puzzles') you will easily rush through this huge compilation is less than 1 hour.

Is there anything to complain not really except those door mentioned before (but it's just my opinion) and the unfishinished place monsters came out (if monster come from a vent which was not created like it should but just like a square box behind it, it let a feeling of unseable detail don't have to be drawn whish is sad). Also perhaps, except the end boss, the not enough challenging gameplay.

In conclusion: Like Genetic, this release is another eye candy you should miss, even if the gameplay through puzzle and action could have been more polished, it's defenitly another 'BJA' recommended experience you should try.

Playtime : 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (86%)

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