Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Minimicus for Half-Life

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Level name: Minimicus

Author: Slayer A

Release date: 6 September 2003

Size: 3 229 ko

Number of maps: 4

website: here

download: At


The scientists at Black Mesa have invented a shrinking machine. They are shrinking Xen creatures in order to make them easier to control. Two shrunken Gonarchs have escaped and are breeding in the civilian community. The Marines have once again been called in to ‘contain’ the problem and eliminate any witnesses.

Review :

Minimicus is a quite recent release (september 2003) that came out for the first time in a HL sp release with an oversize world. Story is quite simple but original: Scientists have developed a new machine to shrink all Xen’s creatures. Unfortunately some mistakes where made so that some of them escaped. Mission is simple you need to destroy the shrinker in order to eliminate all traces of those experiments. But pay attention some grunts have also taken the portal! Design is correctly put together even if transition through rooms is not always made with a high cohesion. Challenge is omnipresent and alternates with some tricky puzzles, some ‘cutscenes’ and quite a good music. The ending is correctly taught and finished this pack in the way it should end.
In conclusion: An original starting idea that creates something unusual for the HL fans. Sadly the idea wasn’t pushed further and it was perhaps a little too fight oriented. Since it’s a short experience (half an hour) you should really test it.

Playtime: 30 Minutes

Rating: A B C D E (78%)

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