Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ETC for Half-Life

***this review was previously available at Alejandro Mapping Center***

Level name: ETC

Author: Dave Johnston

Release date: 6 October 1999

Size: 5 445 ko

Number of maps: 7

website: here and here



Review :

The author from this one and the sequel ETC 2 is already an old ‘boy’ in mapping for more than 12 years he has been working on games like doom, quake, half-life and even more. He worked also for companies include CS, CS condition-zero, TFC, James Bond 007 Nightfire and one hove the most popular CS map called Dust. David is still studying Software Engineering at Southampton University and should succeed his Degree in 2005.
Let’s talk about ETC, this one back in 99 was a quite well appreciated release (silver award at 10/4). In a simple but so efficient way it remember us the original game or even uplink. Design is really impressive too perfect, brushes work, texturing and most of all lighting creates the perfect atmosphere. Also looking to small cutscenes adds the necessary feeling to create a great add-on. The progression is nearly forward and will make you pass from time to time other visited place you encounter before (that’s always great!), ammo and health being well spread all over the pack. Is there any problem? For me the ‘biggest’ problem is that there is no story behind and this really is being pointed out by the fact you sometime don’t know which direction you can take (would have certainly increase the total pak if there was more scripting to tell you what come next). We could certainly also point that ambiance sound (if they were more use) would certainly increase the general atmosphere. After performing this new mission you will end it in a way there could be a possibility to create a sequel…which will be the case.

In conclusion: if you have some regrets that you have been immersed for a long time in new modifications with a lot of new stuffs and you mind replaying the original game, this is the opportunity to get back the filling with a totally new scenery…nearly professional, a real must !

Playtime : 1 hour 30

Rating: A B C D E (87%)

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