Monday, February 18, 2008

Soldier Of Fortune IV for Quake2


Level name: Soldier Of Fortune : Cold as Ice

Author: Neil Manke

Release date: 01 December 1998

Size: 3 940 ko

Number of maps: 2

website: here




In a hostile arctic wilderness, Matt's bear hunting holiday goes very bad. You will need to battle polar bears, wolves and a renegade factionof the Russian army to survive.


Thank god for hi-tech thermonuclear polar underwear:]

Review :

this is the last opus in Neil Manke Soldier of Fortune serie after a first part made for Q1 that didn't have a lot of feedback except perhaps this one . All other missions were created under Quake 2 engine with as a second mission this one, that didn't recieve a chapter name and as third mission with chapter name Operation Desert Bloom. Even if all of them could easily catch your attention through the fact Neil's creation follow mostly the same sheme has for Coconut series (A particular theme visited through a mission with some custom content) I found no real interest for Mission 2&3 that especially, for Operation Desert Bloom, remind me of Coconut monkey 2 : Dry Gulch. The Mission IV, Cold as Ice was different through it's perfectly fitting custom content and that's why it was add to the sp map corner.

Design has nothing really special it's a good mix beween rock, iced water places, and tiny bulding location. There is nothing really impressive but it's really fluid and well put together with perfect use of texture, models, prefabs and skybox. The ambiance is omnipresent and increase the experience you encounter by the use of USSR subject, like if you were lost somewhere in Siberia and try to succeed you mission.

Gameplay is also well mixed but nothing really tremendous, custom models add something special to this pack and especially the animals (dogs and Yeti). Enemy placement, the way your progression is oriented also taking in count diving and climbing makes it a well balanced pak. The use of the skydoo also remember me experiences encountered while playing game as contract JACK or NOLF wich was for me a good surpise. Sadly it's too short even if the challenge is honest and that use of small puzzle solving make it not a simple speed and kill map.

In conlcusion: there is a lot of creation by Neil form Quake to Half-Life and nearly all of them really deserved to be played through. It's not a perfect release it's quite short and misses certainly a bigger approach though much more content and action.Except from that, It really deserve you attention and a short time of you gaming experience.

Playtime: 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (87%)

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