Friday, July 17, 2009

Death Rebellion for Doom3


Level name: Death Rebellion

Author: Kris 'Skul' Tennant

Release date: 16 Mai 2008

Size: 31 399 ko

Number of maps: 9

website: author's page

download: at map factory


This is a remake for an episode I made for the original DOOM, which I never released prior to this. The original DOOM version has been included in the .zip (dereb-DOOM1), except it looks a bit better than my first attempt.This episode includes nine maps and difficulty levels. Feedback is appreciated. I'm still learning how to make good-looking maps; I know mine don't look professional. Give me feedback on the gameplay rather than the aesthetics for now, please.

Review :

I don' t know if the author really respected the original doom 1 episode, but I suppose he did

Design was quite simply builded up, architecture was correct but basic at first with squared room interconnected by some hallways, most of the level are small and finish quite fast except the two last ones. the general layout and detail increase with progression attention to texturing is good but lighting could have been better, there was some event produced like with those surprising happening that can show up in doom3 custom maps, they add certainly somevalue to this mini episode sadly to much dedicated to indoor gameplay.

Gameplay is simply oriented, there is no real puzzle just some key hunt and fight, there isn't use of the PDA or on screen objective, You simply need to access the exit button room. and this make you progress from level to level untill the two last boss levels (because there are two squared single room with pillar and boss fights). This is something I personnaly hate to turn arrond and fight in a nearly impossible beating mission...and so if my feeling grew up during the seven firsts levels, it just let after those final levels a dispointing feeling...

In conclusion: I didn't test the converted episode using the original wad, I focused on the classic D3 episode and exit this 9th level experience with a mixed feeling some good design with good gameplay for the 2/3 of this mission but a boring ending fight that didn't add any enjoyable expeirence really destroyed my first feeling ...

Playtime: 45 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (62%)

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