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E.T.F. for Half-Life


Level name: E.T.F.

Author: Jan 'Fresco 'Ripper

Release date: 24 December 2007

Size: 5 018 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: author's website

download: at author's page

Author's note

E.T.F. is a short mappack for Half-Life 1 containing three action-packed maps. The story is yet another What-if-scenario that takes place in good old Black Mesa. Initially it was created for a single player contest at
Since I had to finish this one very quickly I re-used a lot of old stuff. Some of you will probably recognize some parts of the maps from my Lost source maps package.
The contest project however has never been completed, so I decided to release E.T.F. as a standalone episode. For more information, please refer to the included readme.txt!

Review :

This is the second release from Jan and even if a short and not as good as it's first release it's certainly an enjoyable one. It take part in black Mesa 12 hours after the accident and you only aim is to find a way to's challenging in some part and well put together to motivate your qwest.

Design is like in the previous release from Jan, well put together, your progression is quite obvious with a lot of trigering element but not that much puzzles, the author puts a lot of attention in adding a huge amount of detail like the sandwich on the table customized posters and so on even toilet has it's own quite up to date design. This mission is only taking place, except the last cut scene, indoor . The general layout really take in advance all quality of HL engine and add a lot of visual effect to immerse you into this small's certainly not perfect and limited too much to the way you progress with lots of closed door but it's enjoyable...

Gameplay is straight forward with no complicated surprise except the ones dedicated to the fightings...but this make this mission certainly enjoyable by adding some difficulty. all stuffs are well balance except perhaps the ending that close this mission just when it's starts to be enjoyable.

In conclusion: Time of trouble was an enjoyable mission and for me even if this one was not that much immersing you, especially because it was too short it certainly lets you a good filling after you finish it and that is for me the most important.

Playtime: 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (77%)

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