Thursday, September 24, 2009

Induction for Half-Life


Level name: Induction

Author: Hazard team
Release date: 1 August 2009
Size: 18 943 ko
Number of maps: 8

website: None

download: at planetphillip's page

Author's note


Review :
In this one you will like in the original game, take you first day for your new just at Black Mesa, there is no combat it's a more original approach not taking in mean the fact that an accident could occur and so evreything seems to be working well today at Black it really?

Design except for the last part really takes advantage of what was seens before in the original game (2 of the 8 maps visited comes from the original game) and certain addon that started the same way. There is no outdoor area and you will just travel to get you suit go to the test chamber en so on several event will occur to give you some side event. Design may look repetitive simply because the theme is one of the most visited in the Half-Life history but there are no major flows and the test chamber will add some new touch in the testing approach. All this experience comes with a lot of voice acting sadly in russian (witch for non native speaking may sound a little frustrating) but also with some under title in english that try to add a different spirit an especially brakes the strict ambiance found in the original game (this ones seems more like an actual research center were all people are working together without too much preasure). Gameplay is quite limited ther is no combat nor complicated puzzle it's simply your first day of work like in real life without any really bad surpise

In conclusion: his time the approach is different you'r on a classic day of work without no real bad surprise it's short sweet and is perhaps, I just hope, a first introduction to something more consequent to come.

Playtime: 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (74%)

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