Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost Coast for Half-Life 2


Title: Lost Coast

Author: Valve

Release date: 27 October 2005

Size: ?
Number of maps: 1

website: official Info

download: to get it just go to you HL2 steam folder and download it

General Info:

“Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, a single-player level custom-created to showcase High-Dynamic Range lighting (HDR) in the Source engine, is available now to all owners of HL2. As a technology showcase, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast’s system requirements are very high. During installation, Steam will prompt you if your system does not meet the recommended configuration. We hope you enjoy it.”

Review :
I never took the time to play this one before for to major reason (A bad bandwith connection and regarding the approximate size I wasn't that motivated to get it and most of the people had a mixed feeling about it and especially because since it was coming from valve as a techdemo everybody was hoping for something really interesting
This one was especially design to show dynamic lighting and for sure directly at start you have a wide open marvelous view a little submerged by the sun right in your ice you recieve a brief mission from an older fisherman and so starts your experience...Design is impressive causing my configuration (4 years old) to sufer from a drop in fps not dramatic but a little frustrating the climbing enhance the total view and lead you to the top village where your mission awaits you in a beautiful church where all the lightning effect shows it's advantage through windows
Gameplay is really simple: eliminate the combine protecting force, destroy the bombing system and escape back to the old fisherman through the special design of location and especially through the climbing combat, it may be a little enjoyable but this won't really add a lot of playtime (that can be spend on a more tech exploring qwest) to this quite short and easy experience.
In conclusion: after all those year this one doesn't really feel out of date but also I won't consider that waiting so long to play it was a shame. It was a little fun, provide some really good looking views but really felt too short in gaming time to let a memorable feeling.

Playtime: 20min

Rating: A B C D E (75%)

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