Sunday, January 14, 2007

U.A.C. Reincarnation: Omega Labs for D3


Level name: U.A.C. Reincarnation: Omega Labs

Author: Scott 'Sythen' Baker

Date of release: 14 january 2007

Size: 261 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: (forum only)



You have been sent out to find out what catastrophes have happened at the new UAC Omega Labs. It is your objective to keep whatever is in there from getting out, and this objective is classified..

Review :

Like the author tells this is a kind of beta release (bugfree!) from an upcoming serie Sythen and friend are working on. Looking to the exlpanation already tells you that this kind of intro will not be huge (especially regarding the size). But lets take a look at it.

Start and experience will run fast and smooth design is for me a little above average with quite basic room but well textured and correctly 'ambianced' for this small intro. You will also recieve the PDA with some on screen message and stuff also correctly put together. gameplay is too easy (hopefully the author din't put 100 monster in this tiny release) but it wasn't the aim to kill interest from players travel through some room and killing less than five enemies will lead you to a kind of control room were a short on screen scenes will lead you to the end.

In conclusion: There isn't much to say about this release since it's really short but the way it was release was more to convince player after a short experience to follow this upcoming release in the future whish will certainly be my case.

Playtime: 5 minutes


Rating: A B C D E (68%)

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