Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cave for Half-Life 2


Level name: Cave

Author: Thomas "Stadric Gonzalez" Kelley
Date of release: 24 november 2006

Size: 9 262 ko

Number of maps: 1


Review :

This is the second release from the author (check is site for the other one that isn't bad too). This one can be, I think, considered as a totally playable and enjoyable DEMO map. In this one (like the title explain it without any doubt) you will pass most of the time in a...cave. The design starts slowly in a simple squared room were you will take you HEV suit that is in charge (you can cut the power) and after you will try to get out when you hear an explosion in the toilet room. There is a hole in the ground that will lead you to the cave quite well build with a high atmosphere full of Quake and RTCW spirit. Design is average to above average (more through the effect use by the author that are cool but i won't spoil them). The atmosphere especially in the cave is enhanced by sounds. Combats are not really present (but will be perhaps more part of the upcoming entire release). Progression and puzzles are easy and you are more in place to enjoy them than getting nervous not beating them. Ending is a little wierd and abrupt but certianly manage to make us seen more from the author.

In conclusion: Even if the release is short in playtime (but certainly not in construction time) and can suffer from the absence of real gameplay or lack of fluidity to the theme visited (dificult to mix a medieval cave with futuristic train ride), it's worth to play it through and appreciate the neat effect that the author add to is map.

Playtime: 10 minutes


Rating: A B C D E (69%)

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