Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mistake for Half-Life


Level name: Mistake

Author: Body

Date of release: 28 October 2007

Size: 27 530 ko

Number of maps: 13

website: none

download: At plantphillip.com

Story : none

Review :

In this release you will try to travel to the exit of a kind of psychiatric hospital. The ambiance take some inspiration from classic movie but also from recent game like F.E.A.R.

Design is really creative not only focus on environment (textures) but also on HUD, menu, sound and models that have also been modified. The ambiance create through this whole release is immersive, the custom content and the way it was build together, makes it sometimes difficult to recognize it was build on the HL engine. Ambiance is visualy good but misses perhaps some more anyoing sound some content and especially the enemy models are a little disapointing but don't really alter the general pack

Gameplay is a mostly straight forward progression (enhance by flashlight if you find it) it's just a succession of small thinkings, key searchings and some minor combats with a knife. Everything is quite obvious and is more enjoyable through visual effects till the interesting ending.

In conlcusion: regarding the easy gameplay, the enjoyable experience and even if it's far aways to be perfect this one should be tested by all fans of nightmare games

Playtime: 30 min

Rating: A B C D E (74%)

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