Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recon for Half-Life

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Level name: Recon

Author: Michael Sisk

Date of release: 8 November 1999

Size: 3 348 Ko

Number of maps: 9

website: none

download: At Planetphillip.com


This level picks up after Aggregate Pain. If you played that level, you know that you escaped in a jet. Anyway, as you are flying back to your base, you receive new orders to head back to an adjacent part of the base. You are to find a satellite that the enemy has constructed and then destroy it. As you'll soon find out, your flying skills are a little rusty; you end up crashing the jet and your bio-hazard suit is fried to a crisp. Don't worry though, you'll find a new one soon.


Recon is the third release of Michael Sisk. It’s really much better than sepulcher and an improvement from Aggregate pain which was already a good experience. This time, Michael gives us an entire mission to complete from a plane crash to an end battle on Xen. Even if there are some problems (R_speed, enable to save at the end of the train station, missing some cut scenes), It is really well designed, providing ambushes (not a so onbeatable as previous release) and secret places in a really fluid mission pack. Progression is obvious but increases in difficulty as you get closer to the end. It also somehow follows the original game but never with the feeling of playing a bad copy. End battle on Xen is honestly challenging.

In conclusion: With some more added cutscenes and less relation with the original game, this realization could have been a top classic…It’s still a more than enjoyable mission.

1 hour

Rating: A B C D E (80 %)

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