Saturday, December 27, 2008

Forward Motion for Half-Life 2


Level name: Forward Motion

Author: Justin 'SneakySpeckman' Carlton

Date of release: 26 May 2008

Size: 47 389 ko

Number of maps: 10

website: none

download: here

Author's Note:
This map pack is really just group of ideas. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Each map proceeds in order. Every map can be played individually, so you can load any map and start with weapons. These maps may have some bugs. You can consult the walkthrough if you get stuck. If you get stuck you can always just load the next map.

Review :

The short Note from the author explain directly that there was no real story just idea after idea through wich the author wanted to create something enjoyable.
Design was well put together in a simple but efficiant way increasing (but at start is was quite average) in quality and realism as you will travel through all the 10 maps. The feeeling was really great and archtiecture well manage, everything is present from the original game but never let a feeling of dejà vu. You will travel from outdoor to indoor with limited weapons using the hovercraft for quite a while with tips and tricks.
All in all and even if the author didn't pay a lot of attention to details, but this doesn't really bother, every new part with it's traps, effect surprise and even more will really want to play this one in a sinlge experience.

Gameplay is really the major interest from this map pack from fight to puzzle passing through it's 'wierd' storyline, you will never have a moment that's lack from interest, action is always present and will increase with you progression sadly reaching a kind of moment where the author was perhaps a little submerge by what he wanted to create and starts to make things a little to complicate in my opinion. hoperfully the readme contains a walkthrough that will certainly b you friend.
What was really put in evidence is that the author manage the engine to it's quite complicated features and with a better thaught storyline from starts to end, I'm pretty shure the author could really catch the full attention from the community.

In conclusion: Even if the readme doesn't come with a lots of information and that maps were simply linked together, letting the posibility to play them each separatly, without no story, background map or 'new features' if was defenetly a great enjoyable surpsise for me, that i highly recommed to everybody.

Playtime: 3 hours

Rating: A B C D E (86%)

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