Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cold Steel for Quake4


Level name:Cold Steel

Author: eLuSiVe

Release date: 28 Janaury 2006

Size: 25 108 ko

Number of maps: 2

website: none

download: At Doomwadstation



Review :

This was the first descent release for Quake4 back in 2006 from an author that had been mapping for sevral month for Doom3 on a huge project after making a map called prowler.

According this release it's starts like in the original Quake2 release with a crashed cuscenes well scripted after you will neede to progress through the place the destroy the master of this place.
Design is perfectly manage in a cool dark and spoucky ambiance more related with Doom3, attention has been put on details that surrounds your progression, events that occurs and ambush that are happening add the fear to this experience, all part are well linked together in a non linear way adding despites a cohesive storyline some cutscenens that put perfectly the player into the Quake 4 theme

Gameplay is correctly balance with some thaught part where you will see you health dicrease fast (perhaps too fast) the progression is a mix beween suprise (from thinks falling to mad ambushes) and activating switch (you don't always know wher to go next...). The Challnege really increase till the end arena where the nightmare seems to never stop...but when it's over it's in an abrupt way that just throw the end generic at you face.

In conclusion: back when it came out this one was considered as a must have. Regarding the small amount of release for this game it still is but since then other maps have shine to the community and provide something more releated with what Quake4 offers (pilotable vehicles, squad progression, on screen objectives,...) . This one is enjoyable well put together with a good time enjoyement but for me wont let any memorable souvenirs...simply because the originality that comes with the intro scenes just fely appart after that with it's weak storyline.

Playtime: 50 min

Rating: A B C D E (82%)

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