Saturday, March 21, 2009

create your own playlist on your blog with Deezer

Finally I succeed in creating a playlist using Deezer

It took me a while to understand how it works and how I could add my playlist to this site but when you understand it's quite easy to do and share

Here are the step in case you would like to make the same

1 ->First you need to create your account at the above mentioned site it's a simple free registration

2 -> After you create your playlist by simple using the search engine to find track and album you're looking for

3 -> finally you copy the full link in the share 'Partager' section that you see on the picture below and in your block add a widget and just use the Html/javascript widget put a Title a short description and copy the embeded code given and that's it

Hope this will help people to do the same at their blogs ;)


Porco Gorgue said...

Thank you very much. It was very useful. But, below my playlist, appears some kind of item, and it says: discover "name artist". Do you know how I can get it out?

Please, answer me to my blog.
Thank you.

Stef said...

It's quite easy when you copy/paste the link to have your own player ad the end of the whole chain you have something like:

I have just replace > by ) and < by (

(font size='1' color ='#000000' face='Arial')Discover (a href='')The Cure(/a)!(/font)(/div)

just remove this but keep the )

color ='#000000' face='Arial')Discover (a href='')The Cure(/a)!and it wont appears ;)

Porco Grogue said...

Hi, I found a way by my self. But Thanks any way, for you help.

And FPS for the Win!

Anonymous said...

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Stef said...

thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

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