Friday, March 27, 2009

Light For Quake 2


Level name: Light for Awakening SP mod

Author: Jed Kirchner

Release date: 13 August 2000

Size: 2 582 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: none active anymore


Important Note:

To play this one you need a official mod called Awakening sp and since you got this one it came also with a separate single palyer release both can be find at the Official website should also be tried for a short, enjoyable moment note there is an awaken2 version only limited to Multiplayer


This map takes place a few years before the events of Quake when the government conductedthe first slipgate test in an abandoned mining colony on one of the moons of Jupiter. Thisconcentrated release of energy emanating from our star system was what first alerted the Stroggas to our presence. They immediately came to the conclusion that any race advanced enough tobuild such a powerful device posed a serious threat to their civilization and should bedestroyed. They also discovered that by locking on to the gate's signal they might be able touse it to their advantage. That's where your story begins. I guess.
. . .
It's been a few days since the sounds of gunfire stopped and you've decided it's safe toassume that the creatures have taken over the entire complex. You're not sure why they're stillkeeping a few of you alive but the other day you saw them collecting the bodies of your comradesso they apparently have some use for humans, dead ones anyway. They also somehow forgot tosearch you for weapons so you still have your pistol and a full clip of bullets. That clip lookskinda useless now, however, since you'll only need one bullet to use on yourself when the timecomes.
You're suddenly startled by some sort of inhuman yell and look up to see that theforcefield for your cell has shorted out and two creatures, both bent on eliminating you nodoubt, are headed in your direction. You waste no time in emptying your clip into the twomontrosities and cautiously emerge from the cell. Then it suddenly dawns upon you that you havenowhere to go. You know for a fact that the shuttlecraft, the only means of getting off theplanet, were all either taken or destroyed leaving you in more or less the same situation youwere in a few minutes ago.
Then you remember the slipgate. It wasn't thought that it could transmit organic matterbut those things, whatever they are, seem to have proven otherwise. You're not real eager to meetwhat's on the other side of thing but it seems like a slightly better idea than staying where youare. Especially if the government decides to destroy the base, something you gather they've beennotorious for in the past. As you grow accustomed to your surroundings you realize that you'resituated just a few rooms away from where the slipgate is stored. It shouldn't be that hard tofight your way there... should it?

Review :

This is the third release of Jed(idah) Kitchner and regarding the two previous one
Burial at Sea and Cranky Steve's Haunted Warehouse (both reviewed at 10/4 maps) I was really hoping on something special and highly enjoyable. After palying the map, even if it was a quite interesting release, it won't let me a memorable experience.

Design Is a mix of a small texturing choice handled with a wide, upon several floor, Industrial complex that isn't far away from several high detail custom map from Q1. Everything is well polished and creates a impressive complex perhaps a little to empty especially regarding box and items that can add a real complex feeling. Architecture is well crafted but without any tremendous places you will stil have some impressive vue and a not too repetitive environment to walkthrough.

Gameplay is oriented in a non linear multipath choice way (all way will lead to the final quest). Lot's of enemies will try to brake you progression (166 in normal skill) and will hold you busy enough without any boredom. All items are well placed, like great looking weapons (all new from the awakening mod) really powerfull (too much). The objective are simple but the path to release them will look a little more complicate and the more you progress the challenging it will be there are 2 well hidden secret places to increase your quest if you want...I didn't find them.

In conlcusion: This is a great map with a correct challenging gameplay. it just miss in my opinion a better use of the high quality texturing that came with awakening and at the end all visited places where to similar with a grey touch that easily could lead you to boredom. A quite good but not a great experience finally.

Note: I encounter a sad issue that I wasn't able to reload my savings and this 3times so that i was obliged to complete it without dying.

50 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (81%)


Anonymous said...

I just played that level some weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It has a great non-linear layout and gloomy atmosphere. Though I agree that it felt a bit bland and sterile in places. It would have been better if the texture scheme was changed in some areas. But overall an enjoyable map.


Stef said...

thanks for your comment ;)