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Uplink extended for Half-Life

***Revisited from a french review I made in 2006***

Title: HL : Uplink extended

Author: MuzzleFlash

date: 21 october 2006

Size: 4 566 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: at author's page

download: from author's page

Author's Note:

What is Half-Life: Uplink Extended?Well, it is my personal remake of the original Uplink, also known as the Half-LifeDemo. I did this remake because i really enjoy the original Uplink. First: it is thefirst "Half-Life" i've ever played. Second: I just love the atmosphere and its simplestoryline. Since im a mapper, i always look at other people mapping. In thiscase: Valve's mapping, which is kinda... bad. So i decided to make my own version ofHL: Uplink with interesting looking architecture. Gameplay and entity work is stillpretty much the same. There are a couple of changes here and there. I hope you'reok with that. And trust me, everything is build from scratch by my! So, if you enjoyedthe orginal Uplink, you gotta love my remake. ;-)

Review :

Like it's told this is a revisited version from the first 'official addon that was available with Half-Life (Kind of first demo that was made as a starter for Half_life and was after put back but remains on a HD so that it was added to the second or third official version of Half-Life)... I didn't replay the original uplink before reviewing this one so this review hasn't any aim of compare both releases, it's just what I thaught about.

Design was really enjoyable regarding this first official release from the author, It's really close to the official valve design but with a personnal touch, full of tiny detail, that want's to make this one nearly perfect and with no slowing framerate. You fast get immersed in this small episode with a more than enjoyable design a well as balanced theme, it's a mix between outdoor and indoor, lot's of interconnected trigger event, all in all in a non too linear experience.

Gameplay is also classic with an increasing challenge with some hot spot, mostly all enemies available in Half-Life are here present and puzzle will add what is needed to make this one not turn down as a simple grunt feast...The end is close to the first opus and let a certain doubt about some future follow up

In conclusion: A perfect challenging project that to try to rebuild an extend an original work from valve. MuzzleFlash totally succeed in this quest of the holy graal with a strong, enjoyable experience that will give you a memorable, perhaps a little short, experience.

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (88%)

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