Sunday, June 21, 2009

Space Lasercore for Half-Life


Level name: Space Lasercore

Author: Tommy "Tlax" Pettersson

Release date: 27 August 2004

Size: 1 052 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: author's page not updated since 2005



You are Gordon Freeman and you are now a soldier in the administrators MR.G-man army.You base is on a space station, A attack on one of the earth installations send you on a mission.

Review :

Tlax came up to half-Life community with a impressive release in 2004 called Timefall (check is website) after no other major release was done but a lot of small put together things especially for the TWHL competition were done, they were always short but really impressive, with a mix between puzzles, cutscenes and well put together archtitecture, this one is certainly not an exception, I'm especially impressed by the map size...regarding all what it contains.

Design is perfectly using the feature of Half-life, starting with a small cutscenes and after a mission briefing before you jumps into action with the help/protection of barney, the architecture is the grunt base theme but imaginative with as major highlight the laser core. the attention to detail and layout makes your progression enjoyable with help of allies and some (tricky) puzzle.

Gameplay is quite hard but weapons and ammo are there to make you rush through this map trying to protect Barney even if puzzle are not that evident it certainly add some intesting thing on what to do next, use of custom and original content give a good fluidity to this somewhere short release.

In conclusion: I didn' t find any trace of this one even not on the author site it's defenetly a 'Hall of Fame' one at least for me .

Playtime: 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (92%)

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