Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Q2 Episode 1 for Quake 4


Level name: Q2 episode 1 base

Author: Porutchik

Release date: 8 january 2010

Size: 208 873 ko

Number of maps: 3

website: None

download from filefront: here


None it's a remake from the first part of Q2 converted to Quake 4

Review :

Design is quite what it should be so the conversion is a good reproduction from the original Quake2 it's fun to play through this classic FPS for all fans through a more accurate only lack a little from originality, make a new intro cutscene in place of using the the Quake2 associated with the quality of 10 year ago, a 'not so close to the original' approach a better integration of original texture expecially through the fact that there is a high resolution project  available and finally the mission of good sound effect in place of this repetitive till boring music background

Gameplay is well balance and fun to play even if the enemy damage is sometime put quite high witch caused some really thaught challenge but never unbeatable, I would have hope to find back those 'secret place'and have this backward/forward travelling from map to map like it is available in Quake2 but those minor issue could perhaps be more difficult to solve.

In conclusion: the author spended  a lot of time (4 years) to try to convert Quake2 to Quake4 witch seems to have been quite difficult the result even if it suffer from minor issues is quite enjoyable and so if you have still Quake4 install and would like to have a good action fighting in a not perfect but above average environment, this experience is for you.

Playtime: 1 hour

Rating: A B C D E (68%)

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Anonymous said...

Can´t really recommend it. It uses all traditional textures with painted shadows instead of normalmaps, which looks always wrong in the Doom3/Quake4 engine (or any modern engine that uses real-time lighing with normal maps).

Kiltron did a remake of the Q2 start level for Doom3 some years ago (called Q2 Lost Marine), which was more interesting becaus it changed many little things, while this is just a straight conversion.

What´s nice though is the new enemy types the mapper coded.