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The Xen Campains for Opposing Force


Level name: The xen campain

Author: Red Sky Projects

Release date: 21 spetember 2003

Size: 13 367 ko

Number of maps: 14

website: None

alternative download:


Incoming Transmission

Classification: Classified

Date: 3/2/3 PBM (Post Black Mesa)

Subject’s History: 3 years after black Mesa, Adrian Shepherd was been assigned to a remote outpost on an outer Xen Moon. Reason For Assignment: Convoys to inner Xen world bases have been disappearing, confirming the reports that the massing Xeno Armies have been strategically attacking and taking control of the Terran Space Force bases.

Objectives: Primary- Retake Xen Base Alpha

Secondary- Investigate the source behind the massing of forces and the  attacks on the TSF bases.

Outcome: Unconfirmed….

End Transmission

Review :

this team wanted to send back caporal Sheperd to an outpost called xen but most of us didn't really like this HL part wish was certainly a part of the challenge of this addon to make us like something that we didn't too much like
Design: is most of the time pretty average and sadly decrease in quality when we reach the end (last maze before the end scene) several location looks ok but never enhance the quality for this release several touch where still enjoyable but more on an external way to put the storyline through on text message and cutscene the way the team also wanted to stay to close to xen original theme and is lak of original texturing also make the whole unit suffer from creativity.

Gameplay: is well challenging most of the time and also sometime try to be not too classic by integrating some team fights, puzzling but hopefully no jumping. For the puzzle they also may look frustrating through the fact it's not always easy to understand what to do and especially with the Tentacle (just keep in mind that you need there to find the barnacle , that is needed after for another puzzle, and kill the tentacle) but expet this experience it never turn to frustration and was quite pleasant. regarding the fludity of the gameplay the items placement and special cases it was OK

In conclusion: This addon felt just a little bit to light in mapping consistance, gameplay feature and interest.
I think like in a big amount of maps and mod authors really were immersing into there job for the first part and after that wanted to make it  more and more perfect but this leads to an increase in time spending that at the end turns to a rushing to finish stuff because of loosing interest regarding the time spend. It's not from great quality but if you have an our or two to spend playing something it could satisfy you.

Playtime: 2 hours

Rating: A B C D E (58%)

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