Sunday, February 04, 2007

Escape for Quake2


Level name: Escape

Author: Mr White (Loki's mission)

Date of release: 09 September 1999

Size: 15.6 Mb

Number of maps: 5 + 1 secret

website: here

download: here


You are the only member of your platoon to be captured alive. You have been imprisoned on a Strogg space vessel on it's way to Stroggos, where you will most likely be turned into food. As luck would have it, you're able to overpower a careless guard in your cell and take his blaster. This is where we begin. What comes next is up to you. Good luck, you'll need it.

Review :

I just decided to replay some Q2 stuff recently and since other releases I have played from the author where great (the Xeno project 1&2). I decided to give this one a try. First of all I installed the mod (easy with the self installer) and then I start directly into the atmosphere by a short cutscenes that shows up.

Then starts you mission survive, destroy and escape. All put together this mod is really convincing with all what makes a release enjoyable: mostly above average design (with perfect set of textures, ambiance and creation) from outdoor to indoor, with hallways and quarters, in a mix of colours that only suffer from the old engine (structure and details looks sometimes to rough and not enough squaled to detail).

Scripting is perfect and link all maps together to make you fullfill objectives in the best way adding a lot (perhaps too much) travelling. The addition of a new weapon and some new codded soldiers add the perfect touch to transfer from a simple episode to full pack mod.

Gameplay is great from start to end and make it difficult to stop a while alternating puzzles and fights with some secrets hunting or looking for health to survive because it's also in some place a challenging experience. The experience isn't to complicated to solve and if this is the case there is a walkthrough available. After solving all those little objetive you will need to return to the starting ship to achive your last objective...destroy the research lab (there is also a kind of alterantive ending by a secret level) and so that's it...

In conclusion: playing through this mod (after playing Zaero demo) just reviel to my eyes that there seems to be a bunch of good Q2 releases I never tried before. If you still have you Q2 CD i really recommand to reinstall it on your computer taking in account that use of Opengl with up to date processor and grafic card could certainly give a second breath to all those Q2 release and particulary this one!

Playtime: 4 Hours


Rating: A B C D E (88%)

Note: those screenshots were taken without permission from the 3d m r review mostly to show the quality of design you can obtain if everything is fixed correctly in High definition

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