Monday, February 26, 2007

new link

I recently decided to add some review for the let's called them WW2 game release (so map for all version of Call of Duty and MOHAA)
If we consider Sp map corner as a place where we can see covering of most games that are related to science-fi and so to planetphillip, i thaught it was better to not mix WW2 and Sciense-fi.
If you're interest there is a link in the right toolbar called only for ww2 sp campain

if you want to add the link in your favorite :

any suggestion or comment are welcome.

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PlanetPhillip said...

I think I understand your thinking for creating a new blog but I don't see a problem keeping all the reviews in one place. The name of the blog allows all types of maps and people like to look in the same place each time. I suggest you reconsider, so that people don't have two websites to visit instead of one.

Perhaps PlanetPhillip will someday contain Real-war amps and mods?!