Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Genetic for DOOM3


Level name: Genetic

Author: Robert 'BJA' Hodri

Date of release: 28 june 2005

Size: 55 425 ko

Number of maps: 2

website: author's page

download: here


We write the year 2022. The UAC is the world's most powerful corporation in bio chemical researches. They were making experiments with a new kind of virus...but something went wrong. You're special agent M. Brandon and you'll have find out what happened in the UAC Building.

Review :

This two mappack is fully playable but enteded to be part of of Modification that was saddly canceled. The author decided to finish and release is work (thanks to him for it!). Like the story tells you you are send to a 'high tech' ressearch facility to investigate about what happens.

Directly at start the design will blow you eyes, top design and attention to details, perfect use of textures include custom ones the whole put together with a quite gloomy atmosphere where the missing sounds make it more trilling when you hear some footsteps...

Progression is mostly streight forward and linear(not taking in account key hunting). You will, through your progression, noticed that it couldn't have been possible to make a huge building full of details without some of them being repetitive. Attention from Robert has also be put to make a mixing of lighted, outdoor, indoor and darker place to create a not to repetitive environment that could have lead the player to a kind of boredom. Scripting and interactivity is also present but really in a tiny way (no PDA, short cutscenes, short on screen objective, nearly no activating process) but this doesn't alter the gameplay.

According Enemies/Monsters they are only human (Z-Sec class and Zombies class) and give us for one time a break from the quite repetitive mission out of earth full of those 'unpossible' monsters. Their placement is always good without any unbelievable respawn.

Weapons and ammo are well place without offering the entire set of DOOM3. For the medic it's the same they are delivered on the right places. For both of them perhaps a too huge ammount is put throughout the whole levels creating a quite easy mission to handle (didn't died ones)

In conclusion: This mission was quite an interesting suprise for me. Since i'm working in a research lab, hopefully only on minerals, this make me think in some way to a more realistic approch on mapping (especially for DOOM3). Finally, exept the fact that environment could look repetitive (especially office) and that challenge could have been a little bit more present (only by decreasing ammo and medkits) this first doom3 release from Robert was a recommended experience you should try.

Playtime: 50 minutes


Rating: A B C D E (81%)

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