Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New year to you all readers

I wish to all of you the best for the upcoming year(s) and would like to thank you all for your discrete support during this past 2 years (I didn't have a lot of feedback according the over 70 post i made), but having more than 1000 hits in arround 2 month and a half was a great surprise that encourage me to update this blog more during the last two months.

I think I won't change the rules during 2009 and will continue with reviews about things that let me a good feeling while playing, I just hope to succeed in posting arround 30 review a year like for the past two years.

Just want to remember that you can contact me to submit something to review or simply post your feeling about the reviews, I had also a mixed opinion about digging some old stuff for game such as quake, duke nukem, Redneck rampage but i'm not sure if a lot of people would be interested.

So feel free to ask and make proposal to increase the quality of this site

Oh and don't forget that soon the new virtual rally championship will take place at Rallyesim just hoping to do better that in 2008 where i finished on the 20th place on over 600 players that were able to score.

For this year I also launched with my friends from our WRC private team a blog (only in french) don't hesitate to follow our carrier there during this year


Mikko Sandt said...

Keep up the good work, Stef!

By the way, in case you want me to link to this site via MSDN just send me a button about the size of all the other buttons on the MSDN news page. (It doesn't need to look good.)

I'll try to come up with a HL single-player mod this year. What I can reveal is that progress is going well at the moment.

Mikko Sandt said...

I didn't have a lot of feedback according the over 70 post i made

You should disable the option that permits comments only by those with a blogger/google account. At the moment this blog does not allow anonymous comments.

Stef said...

thanks Mikko I will try to make a small icon and send it to you
For the permission it has been changed... everybody should be able to post now ;)