Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rebellion for Half-Life 2


Level name:Rebellion

Author: Raphaël Gilot

Release date: 4 January 2009

Size: 97 570 ko

Number of maps: 6

website: here

download: Planetphillip's page


In Rebellion, you play as Mandella, colonel in the Confederation, a powerful military force. At the beginning, you explore the mothership as you’re asked by admiral Spade to attend your briefing. You’ll discover that you’re part of the first attack wave sent to storm Tor29, a little colony lost in the Nephele system.

Accompanied by your best friend, major Threepwood, you’ll face an oddly weak resistance. Why does the Confederation unleash its wrath on a colony that is clearly of no match ? What hides behind this conflict driven by doubtful justifications ? These obscure reasons are not to please you and Threepwood.

Will you carry on following blindly an authority fouled by power and arrogance ? Or will you break your former links and embrace a cause that seems fairer to you, however desperate it may be?

Maybe these are favourable times for… Rebellion.

Review :

A new creator just came up at the starting of 2009 and to be honest it was really a good surprise.
With an experience which had something different from what we have seen before even if in my opinion like for forward motion the author, while creating is mod, took perhaps a direction of making a mod that becomes a little too compicated...

Design was pretty good with perhaps some detail flaws (marble floor if the first metallic section)
but also manage to bring you some impressive part like the storage hall (screenshot1) but it was for sure above average in term of quality and architecture.
Gameplay is special, cause for a first part you play as a combine chief and make mission in order to kill the rebellion whish was for me, an especially the part with the storage containing civilian, quite annoying; after things get back to the normal way of HL2 gaming.
In addition to this fact the author also took a mission more oriented on movie/comics explain a little my point of view you will, during this episode, more follow conversation and read on text message than actually play...creating for me more frustration than real enjoyment by the fact that the action is too much oriented, on a static way. (not easy to translate my frensh opinion into english...sorry for that).
Appart from this and taking the other point of view, the storyline is strong in a kind of movie/comics view that add lot's of humour and 'living' to the different actors like in eveday's life.

In conclusion: Raphaël defenetly manage the HL2 engine and was able to create something differents that wanted to immerse the player into a strong storyline with an everyday's life feeling. Sadly in my opinion those idea came with a lack of gameplay that can cause some frustration to player which was my case...I still think that a lot of gamers are going to like this fresh touch of gameplay

Playtime: 30 min

Rating: A B C D E (84%)

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