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Fallback, Fire & Ice for Opposing Force


Title: Fallback, Fire & Ice

Peter Lok

Release date:
17 February 2002

13 197 ko

Number of maps: 15




FALLBACK FALLOUT After the escape from the Monte del Oscuro facility, Corporal Shephard and his fellow marines have been assigned to a hardship post in the Antarctic. Icy cold winds, eternal ice and snow and 6 months of darkness in the winter. The Top Brass didn't look kindly on having their research facilities being overrun by aliens even if it wasn't your fault.

FIRE This is a flashback level to a Balkan town. Objective is to rescue a UN representative from a Warlord. Then you flash forward to the Antarctic.

ICE In the Antarctic, Shephard and his squad are guarding yet another research base in the middle of nowhere. It was a quiet posting until a mysterious alien artifact was found while drilling ice cores. The secret is out, and foreign powers desire the artifact. Your orders are to defend the base and the scientists at all costs.
Hopefully, a happier ending is in the the works for Corporal Shephard.

Note: You can find at several review site: Planetphillip,tenfour,... Both releases reviewed (Fallback and Fallback,Fire & Ice) playing this map pack gives you the oportunity to play directly both releases in a one whole unit.

Review :

Finally I played this one from Peter who did several small releases before this one and also worked for the Intolerable Treat mod.

For this release as a first part Peter took is previous release for Opposing Force (Fallback) and add a new consequent episode.

Design is a mix with correct layout, interconnection, good use a texturing and prefabs with a excessive use of copy/paste sections, so that it leaves a impression of repetive progression. For the rest and not taking in account the hallways you visit and the too squared design in some places, it's quite from good quality. You will also be catch by the quite huge progress in design Peter made while you pass from the first (old) part that seems a little poor and the second where several place,especially through use of prefabs, really shine in interest.

Gameplay is quite challenging in different parst and this will provide an extension of playtime through the fact that several battles will take time to be completed. Porgression is mostly steight forward but add external help (team squad mate, scientist, key search) to break the repetitivity of this experience. Some external scenes will also sometimes happen to add for the spectator some visual experience witch I really like in Half-Life approach. You will encounter all weapons from HL and OF and will find health and ammo when you really need them, I died a couple of time but it was never frustrating...Puzzle are mostly easy to solve out and I was only lost a little in the wind mill area just because the door trigger-generator wasn't that obvious for me.

In conclusion:Even if regarding the design it's sometimes a little bit poor or too repetitive the experience and general layout are above average, like the the hard way.

Playtime: 2 hours

Rating: A B C D E (71%)

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