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Rosa-sewer for Half-Life 2


Title: Assault on a Strider Base : Rosa-Sewer

Author: Jennifer Canada

Release date:
15 June 2005

Size: 3 931 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: here

download: author's page


None mentionned but it's part of the assault on a strider base guildhall project ( cohort 2), made for their graduation terms.

Review :

I really like those small guildhall mission they are most of the time short and not perfect but finally it produce a correct playtime enjoyment worth to be mentioned.

Design is good with well put together area and a same grey_dark theme that add a certain touch to this map (like if the experience that take place in this hypothetic future was set in a polluted...distroyed environement where people don't really have the will to live). The general theme is base upon concrete sewer and interconnection, some 'on text' messages will lead you through this maze not only focus on a self floor gameplay but with lot's of up and down progression and also adding some outdoor area.

Gameplay is quite easy with metrocops, combines, classic enemies. Puzzles are limited but make you progression oriented in a non too linear way and will lets you be busy for a short thinking time. The ambiance is perhaps what lacks to this map not a lot of sounds, voice messages would add a better immersion into this unit, and some more challenging place would also have increase the interest of this map...but it's not really part of the main objective of this map which is to mention to teacher the knowledge of the hammer engine.

In conclusion: A short enjoyable experience that lacks some more combats and a background ambiance.

Playtime: 15 min

Rating: A B C D E (68%)

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