Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Freedom for Half-Life 2


Title: City 17 : No Freedom

Author: Brandi Alotto

Release date:
19 June 2007

Size: 3 922 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: here

download: author's page


None mentionned but it's part of an invidual guildhall project ( cohort 5), made for their graduation terms.

Review :

Another short example of people who will be working in future gaming company are able to do .

Design has a good external feeling in a night city under combine's control. The outdoor architecture is quite enjoyable, more than indoor and organized in a quite squared area the main objective is divided in 3 parts: rnter the main building, search for a switch, get to the roof to escape. The indoor is build in a classic way according an everyday house that has been transform as a general head quatter of the combine force, it's just a succession of room with general layout that are well interconnected even to outdoor by windows, it has a maze feeling so that you will perhaps not directly find the next thing to do.

Gameplay is typical FPS progress and kill to escape, you will encounter lot's of combines respawn when you travel back, you will open all door to find what to do and access to the rooftop to escape there the challenging is well put together with combine reinforcement, trip mine drop (I think it's one of the first time a see this in a custom map) and a strider to need to be destroy to exit the level. the ambiance is perhaps the small thing that is missing in this release like a little bit more scripted progression.

In conclusion: In a standard design way, the author succeed in ceating a average experience hightlighted by the end combat.

Playtime: 20 min

Rating: A B C D E (71%)

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