Monday, March 22, 2010

Arkot_Catlekeep for RTCW


Level name: Arkot_Catlekeep

Author: Arkot 24 (Reedited by Vicpas)

Release date: 04 June 2006

Size: 10 165 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: None

alternative download:

Author's Desciption

This map is my first work in single player maps . This was made in about 3 month's time on and off and was created to learn more about single player mapping

Review :

Design: Regarding this one the way is was design looks more like an early stage of mapping, it's more a collection of squared rooms put together with the needed stuff with just here and there some different touch and especially the wood stair to access the second floor. Most of the action take place indoor with some outdoor view, general layout and architecure even if I might be consider as basic, provides all we would like to find from brakable objects to secret places, lighting is also good so that on an average level everything is nice several content where still for me above average and especially the intro objective map (sadly not in english) and the small cutscene when you activate the access to the storage area.

Gameplay: is well balanced all items and enemies are waiting for you where they should be, to progression is quite free and not to oriented (different way of progression until the last objective exit). So finally the gameplay is well put together with the design to provide an enjoyable experience more base on an action fighting than on a action thinking and looking.objective being also mostly evident to find and do.

In conclusion: A well balanced expeirence map correctly related between gameplay and design, don't except any 'waouw' while you progress but in the otherway you won't get bored while playing this one.

Playtime: 40 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (72%)

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