Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breakfast at twilight for Quake 1

Name: Breafast at Twilight

Author: Peter 'Hrimfaxi' Sörensen

Release date: 12 September 2007

Size: 4 856 ko

Number of maps: 1+ 1start map

website: None

from quaddicated

Additionnal pack required :
quoth is necessary to play correctly this one...and a bunch of recent releases


Not really - just shoot anything!
Review :

Design:  In one word : Wonderfull !!! and shine directly through the statring map where you can choose your skill.
The Place is quite huge and will provide a large area that need to be discover by accessing key protected area, the fact that you sometime can seen trough windows balcony and other view what is awaiting you is well crafted.
The outdoor and indoor scene are well put together to make you admire the places you are going to travel through, architecture and use of textures really creation some intense visual moment, lightning is also well provided. The skybox is perfectly fitting the theme and name of the map...Visually everything looks really great some more sound or background atmosphere would even add a more immersive feeling but this would only be a tiny touch.

Gameplay: like the design it's solid, with over 160 monsters on normal setting the battle to survive and progress will be quite hard the use of new monsters and there placement was also well done lot's of secret zone are there to provide you with some addition qwest if you are able to find them (witch wasn't my case), the surprise is just behind every corner and this will only reinforce your desire to finish the map. Battle are sometimes surprising, sometime tough, through the difficluty to move and fight back but it was the aim wasn't it? to be able to play this type of release you should be prepare through the challenge and difficult to deserve whats next

In conclusion: after several play through Peter's release I'm now a total fan of is mapping skill  that remind me from another great mapper Shaun 'Kona' Ross this one is without no doubt a must play and extremely invite you to reinstall Quake 1 for the amount of great release that still need to be revisited or/and review
 Statistics on Normal skill:   playtime 48' 40''    secrets 2/11     kills 166/166 

Playtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (94%)

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