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Level name: OPOF

Author: Jakub 'Thompson' Poniatowski

Release date: 4 August 2004

Size: 1 027 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: Author's profile

filefront download: here



Review :

Design: it's a quite short release with starting  in a kind of inside place of a Castle were some german and stuffs are waiting for you after that you need to find an entrance to the Cave and secret operating center the  interconnection isn't perhaps that good and the starting place look a little to boxy and without any surounding view even if detail and realism is well used. the switch to the lower part is a bit ectic  but what follow even if a little repetitive is well done the attention to the wine cave, the meeting room and all breakable stuffs and secrets really put in advance the real volonty from the author to do it's best

Gameplay: quite short...some tiny challenge in the outside area and after it become more obvious excpet what you really need to do so go into each corner to find some secret and activating system, after you will need to travel a little to find the exit witch will done finished with the status page.

In conclusion: I really think the author wanted to make something more important but certainly trough lack of time just release a short but well done RTCW experience...sadly it's too short and the was really a lot of potential.

Playtime: 10 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (68%)

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