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Human Error: Ep 1 Fpr Half-Life 2 Ep2


Level name: Human Error: Episode 1

Author: Half-Life Short Stories Team

Release date: 8 February 2010

Size: 334 893 ko

Number of maps: 7

website: here

download: at planetphillip

Some chose to resist, others chose to collaborate; to yield to the Combine and enforce their rule and will. One such body is the Civil Protection unit, an arm of the Overwatch that maintains order in the Cities. In Human Error, become part of a small Civil Protection team that is pitted against the remains of the Xenian forces, who are making a last ditch effort to escape Earth. Utilize a variety of new tools such as controllable manhacks, and use new vehicles such as the APC.

Review :

Design: Looking back to Duke Nukem and the first age of FPS we found a lot of release that came with some new features and was called back Total Conversion... this one totally reminds me from this approach, new enemies, weapons, textures, voice acting...  It was a long time ago since I had this particular feeling playing a free release that integrates a full custom content. The story behind was perhaps not that clear (at least for me) with Andrew's girl through flashback and appearance with a little F.E.A.R. because sometimes you have some doubt about her real thaught (good or bad).
The overall design can always been critisize especially when you have a lot of custom content, people think that everything should always been from high quality especially when it seems more difficult to create some custom content that to create maps. It this way it's clear that human error never make you travel through unique location from high atmosphere like you can encounter them in the original Episode 2...Location are really from a classic bottle perhaps sometimes too dark, witch is for me part of the atmosphere but will decrease the feeling of general layout and detail, this wasn't for me disapointing because I was happy with what it was. Addition to the General layout Human error comes with a lot of new created content and this is was I really loved.
Starting with the new models from enemies to weapons to the cusomized overuse power generator, the pilotable NPC and Manhacks, the sniper rifle sadly unuse through a dedicated gameplay area and the attention to modelling of all main characters. All of them were quite well done and also gave a good turn back to half life first experience.

Gameplay: The fact you play as a combine was still perturbating and this something i don't like to, like playing as a german in a WW2 game, I think it's part of our 'the bad and the good' approach witch can sound as nonsense regarding the fact that FPS gaming is just a 'killing' game  witch is certainly not good...But all in all this 'combine team' appoach with some differents main characters add this cooperative gameplay I really like in the more recent FPS gaming experience, sadly in my appoach if you part of a combine team it's a kind of squad where the main aim is too be efficient (move and act without thinking too loud) and not to talk like if you where on a happy journey, It's sure it add a better filling than to play without any 'sound environment' but for me  it's unrealistic...
With this team apporach you will also be able to conduct the NPC (cool experience), to drive the manhack through vent and stuff, an amazing experience through the difficulty of  third dimension mouvement and also through the limited angle of view  this was really a great moment of inovative gameplay.
Even if it was sometimes challenging, also by the fact you cannot carry out all weapons but need to choose, it was also a little disapointing with the too easy end battle gameplay sometimes also went to 'what's next now?' feeling where you turn arround and after turn to external help to find what to do (happens ones) but all in all the fluidity of all those feature dropped into the game while you progress was perfrectly timed to create a not perfrect but still unique experience.
There are certainly a lot of things to improve but the challenge was put on a high live through integrating a lot of new features, trying to make a background storyline,  an interesting gampelay and give the whole first episode a good structure, even if not perfrect through voice talking, mission, combats and puzzles

In conclusion: Even if there are a lot of things that could have been done better, the fresh new content really add a woaw feeling when I encounter it sothat I defenitly consider this mod as a personal favorite and can only recommend it clearly and hope we won't wait too much for Episode two.

Playtime: 2 hours 30 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (94%)

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