Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trite Breeding Facility for DOOM3


Level name: Trite Breading Facility

Author: Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney

Date of release: 29 May 2006

Size: 25 895 ko

Number of maps: 1



Review :

For this mission you are send by a teleporter to a place where once more some scientifical experiment went wrong. You are send to the place to see if there is still something that could be done to clean the place.

Design is in this one a great surprise, All the area you will explore are massively created but never too repetitive (most great arena you will enter have quite the same feeling comparison between schreenshot), it's really a flash in the eyes how great it was put together. You are going to travell in a well organize way through the facility (from center place to vent 1 then get back to center place to go in vent 2 end after getting back to the main area for the boss fight before escape) progression is so linear but not in a linear way (forward-backward) if you know what i mean.

Gameplay is quite on the upper ranking providing weapons and ammo in the good place and not with overall profusion (health supplies goes in the same way) enemies placement is quite logic but also oldscholl (hard attack from different directions at the same time) and create an experience where too fast saving isn't the good solution. the whole experience is perfectly balanced and increase the gaming time without any frustration. there is no bug except perhaps the pain it takes to access vents (jump-crouch-forward...).

Ambiance is perhaps the only thing which disappoints me a little in this release, there is nearly no scenario that support you progression (through PDA for example) you are sometime in connection with you radio but for one of the place it seems quite interesting (control room with spider queen) the environment sound masked nearly all the conversation, most traps are way to predictible and not enough trilling (except the short attack moment after destroying the two cores) . Ambiance sound, lights effect and power failure trick could have certainly add something in this way.

In conlcusion: this release is a great piece of artwork quite atmospheric that just missed a small attention to general mission and ambiance to create perhaps a map part of the top 3 best DOOM3 release... it is still without no doubt part of my top 10 D3 map !

Playtime: 2 Hours

Rating: A B C D E (84%)

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